ferocious forces of nature

There were tornado warnings today & the inattentive version of me at work began imagining & almost wishing a twister would come ripping down US 17 as i stared out my rain splattered window. It's probably a good thing i don't have magical supernatural powers... or at least ones that can be so earth shatteringly destructive. seriously. on that note, my heart goes out to the people of Haiti. I saw on the news that they are still finding people under rubble alive, after nine days- amazing! I was blown away at this story of a woman who texted her way to safety from beneath the rubble, she sent messages via her mobile to her family in canada... i dont know what is more unbelievable... the fact that she could text after being under rubble for nine days, or that her cell phone wasn't dead. Pat Robertson trumps all of it by claiming the Haitians deserved this suffering because they made a pact with the devil.... ahhh what is with these evangelical Christians & their ridiculous rationale?? Color me stunned.

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