meet bluella

Say hello to the most beautiful vintage bicycle ever! She rides like a dream & i love her!! She's from the seventies but with new brake lines, an original license sticker, & a tough steel frame. She's fabulous, & i've named her Bluella.

I seriously haven't had a bicycle since seventh grade when my brother got mine confiscated by the police. No, i'm not even joking. What a tough eighth grader he was, sneaking out at night, breaking curfew to drink screwdrivers at Forrest Park & unsuccessfully evading Clay County police who have nothing better to do than take some punk kid's bikes. how devastating that was...

Anyway, Color me so absolutely shocked when i opened the garage to find Bluella parked with a big bow wrapped on her handle bars waiting for me. ♥ can't wait to put a big wicker basket on her & a snazzy bell. completely necessary.

your girl is goin for a ride. XO

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