sweet sonja

The other evening I accompanied a friend of mine to a very classy meal. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t all that classy, maybe it was just inside a mediocre sports bar… but there was definitely interesting entertainment. And oddly enough it had nothing to do with sports or games or drunks. The aforementioned entertainment came in the form of a five foot three brunette waitress. Our waitress- sweet, sweet Sonja.

Sonja was definitely not like her coworkers, who were the typical blonde flirting type, I was actually pleasantly surprised to see her thick glasses, lip ring, and gothic skulls rings. Right away she complimented me on my peacock feather headband & let me know that when I got bored of my friend, that I could walk away to use the computer game machine located at the bar. Her assumption that my guest wouldn’t be keeping me entertained made me laugh. Alas, no photo hunt- I stayed in the booth & eventually our food was brought to us by this nice gentleman & I hadn’t even noticed that Sonja hadn’t been by for a while until she showed up with blood dripping down her arms letting us know THIS was why she didn’t bring our food out herself…. Uh yeahhhhhhh thanks! Apparently the poor girl managed to drop another tables beer glasses all over her and cut herself up. Obviously we didn’t mind at all…. Nothing says tasty like bloody wings. Yum! I guess Sonja was pretty stoked at how well we accepted her apology because that’s when we crossed the line from customers to confidants. First she returns to cry to us about how her other customers cussed her out, another table left her $1 on $50, she spent her morning with six year olds and now her manager is forcing her to go to the hospital due to the excessive bleeding and glass inside of her. All after only making $4 dollars in tips.

I was feeling pretty awful for Sonja, but homegirl just didn’t know when to shut up. She cashed us out, apologized for bleeding everywhere & reassured us that she had no diseases & how was she so sure of this?? Oh well, that’s because she just got checked AGAIN last week. Good to know. She went on to tell us that she was on the verge of punching one of her customers in the face, I could tell she was serious by the fist clench she was showing off. Then she asked me to return the following evening to see her, letting me know she was hopeful to receive xanax for her injury & would definitely be in a good mood. Bahahaha!! She wanders away aimlessly only to return moments later to COUNT HER TIP IN FRONT OF US & sit with us in the booth, because after all, we’re her new best friends. Now I know why she averages $4 tips. Hey, here’s a tip from a previous waitress & consumer----- you don’t count your tip in front of your table, you don’t tell your table you’ve just been tested for STD’s, you don’t arrive at your table bleeding, & you definitely don’t join them after you’ve already been urged to go to the hospital.

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