breezy baby

watching the tattoo gun at the shop press on for three hours consistently into someone's skin really makes me consider getting the tattoo i have had in my mind for over three years. i suppose this may be the year i take the plunge. i told myself that if i thought of something i really wanted, and two years later i still loved it then that was good enough for me. yet, here i sit still ink-less. i just have this strange sense of worry that it wont look the way i imagine it, wont be as beautiful as i hope & i would hate to stare at my naked self in the mirror and have a sense of regret. life is not made for regrets. i believe that with every ounce of me. the artist randy was mad talented, & his friend across the way- i was so taken with his artistic abilities---- the canvas' he had displayed around his station were amazing. i couldn't take my eyes off of them. it made me want to start a new painting.

i went to Cassadaga, FL (an amazing spiritualist camp) in November for the first time and met with my very first psychic. the first thing she asked me was if i was aware that i was psychic.... which guilty as charged... ive often wondered if i could be. i do think i sense things before they occur, & have had so many random dreams that unfold before my eyes in reality. i had numerous dreams about Jonah, a childhood friend that i hadnt seen or heard from in thirteen years.... then all of a sudden he reenters my life & we have this awesome connection. just one example. she said she could feel it in my energy. she then told me she knew i was an artist and that my hands cant lie, for i have beautiful artist hands. wowwww. its weird that a woman sitting in front of me that i had known for less than a minute told me something that i felt was such a huge compliment. it was strangely very inspiring, she made me want to put forth more effort into art, draw more, paint more & create more. it was amazing all the things Anne-Marie shared with me, she told me i was going to write a book, spend a great deal of my life in Europe, have twins.... i mean incredible things. she has also told me i was iron deficient (something i have been clinically diagnosed with in the past) & talked to me about drugs, personal relationships, depression..... i got so much more of that fifteen minute session than i ever could have imagined. it has definitely left my mind wandering.

i absolutely cannot wait to take Button, my sweet weenie girl out on Bluella- my beautiful 1974 Schwinn Suburban bicycle, i ordered a handmade wicker basket with steel supports (that will be arriving this week!!) for her to ride in! she loves riding in my convertible so im crossing my fingers that she enjoys Bluella rides just as much.

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