hi there, just a quick post. i wore this outfit out to my girlfriend's baby shower. my friend's are having a baby!!

i ♥ this dress & whats sweeter is i got it half off! i think amber's little child inside her belly would appreciate my stockings & green olive suede flats that i wore while we ooowed & awwwed over her. don't you?

oh baby baby baby!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. i'm talking drop top down sun shining beautiful breezy day!! i really wish i could have been able to take bluella out on a ride--- but i still had a lovely day! & definitely enjoyed crusin with the sun beating down on me. button loved it too!

Amber's baby shower was in the early afternoon. Ms. Debbie did an awesome job of decorating adorably for little baby Irie's impending arrival.

All things pink & extra cute. including delicious cupcakes! yummm!! its so hard to grasp that my friends are going to become parents!! I think they will both be amazing at it, they are just glowing with excitement & even though i still think its crazy i cant help but smile at how beautiful it really is ♥ amber is so beautiful pregnant. still wearing heels & cute dresses & looking her best!! i totally failed at the baby games but i still had a lot of fun. I've definitely got to work on something for little baby Irie Blue, how wonderfully unique is that name! I bought her gifts but definitely want to give her something special i made from the heart... & could so not bring myself to purchase things on Am's registry like breast pumps & nipple shields. hahaha that just seemed too out there in a gift bag, even for me.

tag you're it!

Went to see Shutter Island tonight. Oh leo.... I have been itching with anticipation to see said film, since my eyes landed on it when it first appeared during the trailers for another movie i saw awhile back. ahhhhhhh Leonardo DiCaprio. ♥ him!! i felt like thirteen year old Erin about to see the Titanic all over again --- so giddy!! but alas, it did not meet the high expectations i had set for it. Don't get me wrong, i still thought it was really good- great story line, great acting, lots of awesome & really creative cinematography (& it still disappointed!?!?) i know, i know, BUT it was slow at times & seemed like it was lacking. I think the whole theater was unanimous on that. 

that being said, i still say its a good movie- & i wouldnt urge others NOT to see it, like i have noticed on my facebook news feed. Gummi bears & popcorn & leo... followed by purchasing interior design books on sale. just another lovely evening if you ask this girl. 

i'm off to retire to the bedroom now. goodnight ♥

a diamond...

is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure. it just makes you feel fancy.

am i still your charm or am i just bad luck?

are we getting closer or are we just getting more lost??

Still reeling over something heart breaking that happened last week.... i asked a woman how her husband was doing & then watched painfully as her light eyes welled up with big soppy tears and she began to shake. she told me he had died a week ago. you could have knocked me over. i've never been in a situation like that before. working in a bank you see a lot of people (it amazes me how frequently certain individuals come to the bank daily & weekly) & Miss Linda comes every Friday after work to deposit her check from Merry Maids. She, like many of the customers feels a closeness with us & shares a lot of personal details about her life every visit. So i didnt think twice about asking about the man she so regularly talks about. open mouth insert foot here! she bagan to sob deeply & vent while a line of customers piled up behind her as she explained to me just how horrible his death was, how lonely she was, how he did not have life insurance, & how that would directly lead to her moving because she cant pay rent & support her family on eight bucks an hour. rough. that will put your life in check real quick. i offered her my deepest apologies (as if that's enough) & said that i couldnt imagine it geting any worse- & to know that brighter days are definitely on the horizon. i know how ridiculously cheesy that sounds but i do believe it.


Simple Happiness from:
a conversation that lasts for hours.
a laugh. that's heart melting.
a song that brings me right back to a moment in time.
a feeling that can't be shaken.
a dandelion waiting to be blown...

three hunded & four miles to love

i ventured down south to delray beach last week to visit my sweet Jess & also meet her new boyfriend Simon & i happily i got to see my girl Caitlin. It's so refreshing to get away even if it is only five hours away & only for a small amount of time. Plus its hilarious & so much fun when we all get together.

I am so overwhelming happy for JT, her boyfriend is so sweet & seems to genuinely adore everything about her. She is herself again & so vibrant & i love that. Being with them & jess' adorable roomie & her boy made me surrounded by love. so cute! i couldn't help but contemplate my own current relationship on the drive up. i don't know what it is but cruising on the open road alone with music is so incredibly therapeutic.

i closed my trip with a delicious spiked latte & delicious breakfast before heading to see Caitlin's classroom. I just had to see with my own two eyes the classroom that belongs to my old crazy as hell college roommate. Amazing- i am so proud of her :D she even used one of my random facts as her "random fact of the day" for her students. It's so crazy awesome seeing how we all have grown in this short amount of time <3