am i still your charm or am i just bad luck?

are we getting closer or are we just getting more lost??

Still reeling over something heart breaking that happened last week.... i asked a woman how her husband was doing & then watched painfully as her light eyes welled up with big soppy tears and she began to shake. she told me he had died a week ago. you could have knocked me over. i've never been in a situation like that before. working in a bank you see a lot of people (it amazes me how frequently certain individuals come to the bank daily & weekly) & Miss Linda comes every Friday after work to deposit her check from Merry Maids. She, like many of the customers feels a closeness with us & shares a lot of personal details about her life every visit. So i didnt think twice about asking about the man she so regularly talks about. open mouth insert foot here! she bagan to sob deeply & vent while a line of customers piled up behind her as she explained to me just how horrible his death was, how lonely she was, how he did not have life insurance, & how that would directly lead to her moving because she cant pay rent & support her family on eight bucks an hour. rough. that will put your life in check real quick. i offered her my deepest apologies (as if that's enough) & said that i couldnt imagine it geting any worse- & to know that brighter days are definitely on the horizon. i know how ridiculously cheesy that sounds but i do believe it.

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