oh baby baby baby!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. i'm talking drop top down sun shining beautiful breezy day!! i really wish i could have been able to take bluella out on a ride--- but i still had a lovely day! & definitely enjoyed crusin with the sun beating down on me. button loved it too!

Amber's baby shower was in the early afternoon. Ms. Debbie did an awesome job of decorating adorably for little baby Irie's impending arrival.

All things pink & extra cute. including delicious cupcakes! yummm!! its so hard to grasp that my friends are going to become parents!! I think they will both be amazing at it, they are just glowing with excitement & even though i still think its crazy i cant help but smile at how beautiful it really is ♥ amber is so beautiful pregnant. still wearing heels & cute dresses & looking her best!! i totally failed at the baby games but i still had a lot of fun. I've definitely got to work on something for little baby Irie Blue, how wonderfully unique is that name! I bought her gifts but definitely want to give her something special i made from the heart... & could so not bring myself to purchase things on Am's registry like breast pumps & nipple shields. hahaha that just seemed too out there in a gift bag, even for me.

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