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Went to see Shutter Island tonight. Oh leo.... I have been itching with anticipation to see said film, since my eyes landed on it when it first appeared during the trailers for another movie i saw awhile back. ahhhhhhh Leonardo DiCaprio. ♥ him!! i felt like thirteen year old Erin about to see the Titanic all over again --- so giddy!! but alas, it did not meet the high expectations i had set for it. Don't get me wrong, i still thought it was really good- great story line, great acting, lots of awesome & really creative cinematography (& it still disappointed!?!?) i know, i know, BUT it was slow at times & seemed like it was lacking. I think the whole theater was unanimous on that. 

that being said, i still say its a good movie- & i wouldnt urge others NOT to see it, like i have noticed on my facebook news feed. Gummi bears & popcorn & leo... followed by purchasing interior design books on sale. just another lovely evening if you ask this girl. 

i'm off to retire to the bedroom now. goodnight ♥

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