three hunded & four miles to love

i ventured down south to delray beach last week to visit my sweet Jess & also meet her new boyfriend Simon & i happily i got to see my girl Caitlin. It's so refreshing to get away even if it is only five hours away & only for a small amount of time. Plus its hilarious & so much fun when we all get together.

I am so overwhelming happy for JT, her boyfriend is so sweet & seems to genuinely adore everything about her. She is herself again & so vibrant & i love that. Being with them & jess' adorable roomie & her boy made me surrounded by love. so cute! i couldn't help but contemplate my own current relationship on the drive up. i don't know what it is but cruising on the open road alone with music is so incredibly therapeutic.

i closed my trip with a delicious spiked latte & delicious breakfast before heading to see Caitlin's classroom. I just had to see with my own two eyes the classroom that belongs to my old crazy as hell college roommate. Amazing- i am so proud of her :D she even used one of my random facts as her "random fact of the day" for her students. It's so crazy awesome seeing how we all have grown in this short amount of time <3

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