air pollution

Probably not what you imagine, but a crime just as fierce and deadly...
 ass breath.
 polluting the air around my face on a monday-friday basis. i'm serious, & it's honestly so brutal. It can often be spotted (ingested) at a Wachovia Bank near you. Imagine, a woman approaches your area, invades your personal space in a confined spot, traps you & boom the stench becomes overwhelming. it's simple to stop breathing momentarily and back away. but then it lingers, ass breath that almost knocks you over. You have to fake a smile over your cringe as to not come off like a total jerk, but in truth it's just one more reason to like my job a little less.

i wonder...

would a trail of starlight mints leading to a mountain of toothpaste & month rinse be a suddle enough hint?

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