I could feel my heartbeat taking me down

I could feel my heartbeat taking me down
& for the moment, I would sleep alright
I'm dealing with a selfish fear
To keep me up another restless night
Another restless night

....Manchester Orchestra was absolutely amazing live!! I've been wanting to see them so badly - even more after i learned that when i attend Brand New in Orlando M.O. will longer be on the tour. bum city.

SO when i discovered they were coming to town i was stoked- even wrote it on the calender over a month in advance. I like my reminders :] but, instead of purchasing tickets in advance we strolled up to the door right at opening to get in only to learn the show was sold out. Sold out!?! devastating, sure. BG & i smoked cigarettes as we wallowed in our ignorance, pouted & he tried everything he could think of to get us tickets, including talking to the keyboardist/backup-vocalist for Manchester. no luck.

We decided to wander along & go to a bar for a couple hours & then try again later. We walked into a nearby pub at Jax Beach when i noticed a table full of smiling men staring at us & waving us over. Ohhhh Navy comradeory, but of course. casual drinks & foosball turned into Dick (seriously) ordering two rounds of jager bombs & before i knew it we were skipping down the pavement back to Freebird. i nearly kissed the gnarly bearded man when he said we could get in. Seriously, we were let in. YAY!!

With us both feeling tipsy & intoxicated with the sheer thrill that we would soon be seeing Manchester we wandered in. Something about not getting something as easily as you thought you would makes you appreciate it even more. sure we paid a little more, & we missed the opening bands but we were so stoked. SO stoked. i was blown away by their set. i mean can i just say, again, they put on an incredible set! Tons of energy & songs from both albums & a couple new ones. BG & i kept yelling out "I COULD FEEL A HOT ONE!" at the end of every song. the pack of people around us eventually started to laugh at us & after about six songs, of us desperately pleading for it... they joined in. i love that song, so much passion. but, when they left the stage i was disappointed because i didn't hear it. & then of course, they came back out & played it. seriously, i don't care what anyone says, that played that song for me. & it was so beautiful. BG recorded it. it has so many drunken woo's its ridiculous. but beautiful nonetheless.

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