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sundayyyyyy night & all i can think about it how excited i am for Tuesday night! My friends will be playing with the Ataris!

Which in my world is epic... for you see, ten years ago i went to my very first show (coincidentally with my friend who is the lead singer of the DGC) to see Inspection 12, the Vandals, & none other than the Ataris at club 218. i really didnt know what i was in for standing tall at the ripe age of fourteen & a half. I just knew i really wanted to hear "San Dimas High School Football Rules" & "Your Boyfriend Sucks" played live. before i knew it i was caught in the middle of a serious mosh pit when the Vandals took stage & my vans sneakers were flown off, much to my dismay. I remember rushing to the edges of the circle pit trying to squeeze my way out, completely abandoning said shoes, only to be slammed back into the sea of madness by huge ass dudes. it seemed impossible, i can recall it so vividly in slow motion, & just then in the distance i saw a familiar face, a tall, dark & handsome fella ninth grade Erin seriously sweated. His name, Drew Anderson... & he was just gorgeous. An older sophomore who was known on the streets to have a "thing" for redheads, though i was quite sure he didn't know i existed. Before i could wrap my head around the fact that he was witnessing me getting tossed like a ragdoll, there he was pulling me out of the pit, only to go back in to FIND & RETURN my shoes. I went with him up the stairs to watch the rest of the set, where i sat on railing danging my feet, already satisfied with my night. Next thing i knew he was talking to a guy in a volcom hat & then all of a sudden we were in front of a video camera announcing that we were live in Jacksonville for Volcom's something or another. This video, i never saw. The Ataris took stage & they were amazing. I was hooked, so much energy & excitement filled the club. This show sparked my love for punk rock shows. I can't believe its been ten years, & that i will be seeing them here in Jacksonville again, only this time sharing the stage with my friends. incredible!

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