makin a mixtape

mixtapes are so much fun !! I am a huge music fan ~ I remember making mixtapes & how much more time consuming & extra special they were pre iTunes & cd burning... hardwork & love went into the,. Not to say that they are any less special now that technology has advanced...  but, I think a mixtape (or cd) is one of the best ways to spread love. So, here's some love ~ from me to you!

[track one] color bars ~ elliot smith
[track two] flat head~ the fratellis
[track three] magic winds ~ black magic
[track four] black rebel motorcycle club ~ ain't no easy way
[track five] fruit bats ~ slipping through the sensors
[track six] modest mouse ~ missed the boat
[track seven] the velvet underground ~ heroin

[track one] bob dylan ~ all along the watch tower
[track two] she & him ~ in the sun
[track three] frightened rabbit ~ swim until you can't see land
[track four] counting crows ~ raining in baltimore
[track five] 1990's ~ arcade precinct
[track six] the white stripes ~ icky thump
[track seven] miike snow ~ animal

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