saying goodbye ♥

Last night i had to say goodbye to my sweet Opie ♥ who was taken too soon from us. I find comfort in knowing that although he had it horribly rough the first three years of his life (he was abused prior to my family rescuing him) he was so happy & sweet for his final three on the earth. He loved me, oh he would just go nuts with the excitement when i would pull into the driveway. I'll never forget when i came home after leaving BG for his seven month deployment he just came to me & snuggled me for hours til i cried myself to sleep on the couch. He was such a loving sweet little guy. & he made me laugh constantly. There's a sacred bond between human & animal & I'm heartbroken for him. I will always love you lil dopey Opie, & I will always miss you ♥

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