a girl's best friend.


it's a beautiful thing the bond her & i have. i wonder sometimes what it would be like to know her in human form. is that crazy? i'm convinced she would be a little diva. her personality is hilarious- the way she perches up on the back of the couch & watches the neighborhood- growling softly as strangers pass along the street. Or demands with little cries that i pick her up so she can lay next to me, when she's too lazy to jump herself. She made me laugh again today the way she bolts out the back door & down the steps to hop along through the grass at full speed hoping to catch one of the many squirrels who live in our backyard, who are all slightly overweight from our walnut tree. She is beyond sweet, & brings so much love into my heart & there's really nothing as special as having a little creature waiting joyfully for you to come home.

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