work work workkkkkin sunday

what a productive day i have had!! i slept a glorious full eight hours, dreamt about things i remember & things i forget. i woke up determined to tackle some of the chores around the house that have been ignored on the weekdays after work & over the past few weekends.... like eight loads of laundry or so? seriously- it has been piling up in a room that i have so lovingly referred to as our "trash room". i tackled more than half of the dirty clothes - swept the floors, & began simultaneously organizing the two giant closets. I'm really impressed with how well its already coming along. I put together a shoe rack & my shoes look just darling on it. I intend on snagging some more at target tomorrow after work & some clothes hangers.

I even filled my beautiful ornate frame with an old Volcom poster & hung it.


i love it! i cant wait to have the rest of my wall art & the guitars up in the back room.i feel wonderful, & although i am so not looking forward to another daunting Monday at the bank I am looking forward to dinner with my parents Tuesday, & having Jess over Wednesday along with a lovely La Nop date with her.

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