dearly domesticated

i sit here on my couch with my loving little button sipping on a glass of wine reflecting on what a domesticated woman i feel like at times. which i am completely comfortable with, its interesting & charming in its own little way.

today one of my co-workers Edna brought me in nine magazines per my request recently that she stopped bringing her Family Circle. Good Housekeeping, Womans Day, etc into our lovely Wachovia Bank break room. seriously i was missing them, i love the recipes & articles on organizing & house tips like using toothpaste to brighten your silverware... not that i have done that, but still its entertaining in such a way. perhaps i was a 40's house wife guru in another life. Anyway, i was thrilled when she brought them into me & i began searching for what i would make for dinner tonight. & i came home & put my mint green polka dot ruffled apron on & began cooking.

the menu: Roasted Lemon Pepper Chicken with Garlic Herb-Oil Ravioli & Green Beans ♥
 it came out even better than i expected! & i served the Ravioli in my new Pyrex Oval Avacado casserole. it was "very fancy babe" & over half way through taste bud heaven i found myself regretting that i hadn't taken a photo of how cute it all looked in my new dish. oh well, the opportunity will present itself again.

i would however like to share with you one of my most favorite things about my forties house... this antique chandelier...


i individually removed, cleaned & restrung each crystal when we moved in & am still in awe of its beauty. i absolutely love living in an older home with such character. at times when i am overwhelmed with all the projects the house has, i look up at this chandelier & appreciate the beauty & i know one day it will be just as perfect.

♥ I am hoping the rain returns tonight with wine + snuggling with Button. oh & on my lunch break today i painted my nails Peas & Q's by Nicole.... oh, hello new favorite spring color:

"hey, we have some victorias secret used panties"

seriously was told that this morning at the flea market. thank you, ill be purchasing my panties fresh. I went antiquing & flea market browsing today! The pecan park flea market was kind of a disappointment, especially after hearing rave reviews. but things like that are hit & miss.

BUT, i did leave with an awesome old green pyrex casserole dish, with coordinating lid. I'll take that to add to my collection, thank you very much. at fans & stoves in five points i found a giant jar of vintage buttons that i swooned over & immediately purchased, & i also grabbed a summery dress from the 40's with fruit all over it. It was a little much needed therapy & plus, it's so fun hunting & buying vintage.

vintage buttons are my favorite! i cant wait to create things with them!!

Guess what? Today is my dad's fifty-third birthday. & it's time to celebrate at the bowling alley where i will inevitably get my ass kicked consecutively, drink a couple beers, & watch my pops climb on a stool & do the funky chicken. wonderful sunday ♥ in store. Happy birthday pops, i love you!

i'm as free as a bird.

friday night after a long day / week of work i headed out the the beach to support my amazing friends & watch their set at freebird. here is a little sample of the talent that shines out... it starts a little late, but i can't get this catchy song of out my head !

i had some seriously delicious cupcakes at work on friday to celebrate the birth of my boss, & i got to wear jeans to work (!!) & donated $30 dollars to the March of Dimes & received a large bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila... um awesome? needless to say, Margaritas were enjoyed!

i really love smoking blacks, drinking beer & being around good friends listening to good music on friday nights.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso said that once.

this post is devoted purely to The Art Institute of Chicago which is a really, really awesome museum. if you get the chance, go on a Thursday evening, when its free & it will make you even happier ♥

here are some of my favorite things on display~

the old guitarist ~ Pablo Picasso

Vincent van Gogh

Salvador Dali

cutest tea set ever !

Joe Zucker this was so awesome~ he dipped individual cotton balls in paint & then glue to create this. at first glance i thought it was all chewed gum.

greyed rainbow ~ Jackson Pollock

i love going to museums, & this one was huge ! it housed a lot of incredible photography too, though i suppose i was too distracted to photograph the photography :) & mad crazy furniture pieces & jewelry, it was great. definitely something i wanted to see while we were in the windy city & i am SO glad we did!!

it's true

& especially mondays that bring you back to a painful reality after a lovely little vacation. literally painful~ i woke up with a gnarly crock in my neck (i think that's the expression, or is it crick?) anyway, i've been battling it all day & its just awful. perhaps it was the giant pillows i bought that are probably too fat for my own good. oh well, now i stand/sit/lay at a constant head tilt. pretty sexy.

back to my little venture up to the windy city.... chi-town baby, we gets down baby! it was amazing. absolutely amazing. we did so many different things & still missed out on so much. seriously awesome city, Chicagoans rule. everyone is so nice up there. & how about they had record highs for April while we were there--- perfect much? i am so looking forward to uploading the pics later onto my lappy.

we almost didnt make it back. we were literally minutes away from missing our plane. i'm talking running home alone style through the airport late.... bookin it straight off the L train to the gate late, where luckily there were delayed long enough for us to arrive right in the nick of time. the universe was on our side, our flight was scheduled to leave at 10:23 & we made it there at like 10:22. that meant we got hit with many dirty looks, seats separated apart, bags that had to be checked instead of carried on but we were so relieved it did not even matter.

OH & being reunited with button is the best thing ever. dogs make you feel like the most important most wonderful person in the world :)

there's a light on....

time to pack!! i'm leaving in t-minus sixteen hours! (yes, & i still haven't got a thing packed) Chicago :) for five days & i cannot wait to explore a new city. The itinerary is lookin soooo sweet. blue man group, the art institute, alder after dark @ the planetarium, visiting baby g, chicago style pizza & china town, john hancock observatory, shopping, exploring, a cubs vs. astros game, night clubs, a comedy show, the aquarium, bars...... & who knows what else!! basically i am mega impressed with my planning abilities thus far, being that i'm the type of girl that doesn't do a whole lot of planning for anything. 
Might get everything marked off the list, where would the fun be in that? But, color me super excited!
 I can't wait to get away to a new place ♥♥♥

weekend wedding

love love love ♥ oh another wedding we attended this weekend. this time our sweet Garrett became a husband & a step father! BG was one of his groomsman at he & Alli's lovely outdoor wedding. something about me, i just love going to weddings. absolutely love them.... getting all dressed up, dancing, eating delicious food, & being in an environment celebrating love. i always have a good time & its so beautiful. not to mention the fact that i thoroughly enjoy critiquing every detail in my brain, all the while dreaming up how mine will be one day. it really was a lovely quaint wedding out in a park overlooking the river. the guys were all so handsome in their aqua shirts & linen pants with flip flops...

 & the bride was stunning, her dress was very unique & she looked beautiful. somehow i was put in charge of hitting the play button on an ipod stereo to "here comes the bride" while sitting a few rows back from the front of where the two would wed. Sure, it seems like a simple task, but not gonna lie i kept worrying that i would mess it up- & all of a sudden the thing starts skipping & all these people starting staring at me, and i would probably start nervously laughing or something terrible like that. alas, luckily it went perfectly & i didnt drop the ball on that one.

Garrett's little brother had me crackin up when he went up to do a speech (he was the best man) & began reading the speech Allan reads in the Hangover to the guys about joining his wolfpack. nothing like throwing "cocaine & strippers" into a speech at a family wedding. ♥ here are just a few pics from the wedding ~

lively acoustic

ahhh i just love the sound of an acoustic guitar. hanging on every note, feeling the humm of the chords, something about it is so sweet. why yes jesse lacey, i'm a sucker for anything acoustic.

last night i was so looking forward to watching my friends john & carlos do an acoustic set at JackRabbits. unfortunately the headlining band canceled, another dropped out & so the show was canceled. bummmmmmmmmmer, originally. instead they came over to the house to play the set in the backroom for the us & our newly relocated to the 904 friends, colin & joanna. john is so absolutely talented, music just lives inside of him. its such a beautiful thing to witness the magic come out of him when he plays. so much passion. & carlos is awesome too, they flow so well together, & his foot pedals are sick.

It was fabulous & after their wonderful set they did we all drank & had great conversations filled with laughter. & i was probably drinking too much & up too late for having to be at work at 7:15 but sometimes it just doesn't matter... being surrounded by incredible individuals & having a good time is far more important than being well rested for a friday work day. note: you can sleep when you're dead.

grass is always greener

instead of hunting for beautiful eggs (like 78% of my customers thought i was doing) yesterday i was doing some serious yard work & gardening with my awesome parents. say hello to the beautiful front lawn...

almost can't stand how adorable it is!

the old sod, which was dead & overrun with crazy weeds had to be dug up, bagged up & tossed aside. big props to pops & BG for tackling this massive job!!

then the dirt was leveled out with rakes, which i might add i was kind of awesome at... :) & they our new beautiful grassy sod was placed!

look at all our pretty new grass!!

& my shrooms! they look sooo cute out there, they have been sitting in the garage for months & months since i got an awesome deal on them- & i am so happy i got them, cause they look perfect! (yes i am admiring them from the porch!)

bird feeder, so wizard of oz~ish. love it.

sunburst flowers in my welcome pot, i could not wait to plant these, & how about i found out this morning they close at night & peek back out with sunny skies.
the path! what a transition!

i still cant believe the transformation that took place(neither can our neighbors!) i almost wish i had more gnarly pictures of the hideous dead grass & weeds we rocked for so long, but trust - it was not pleasurable to look at.

but nowwwwwwwww, we have a beautiful front lawn that is so welcoming! & we arent even through with it.... i am so exhausted but it was so worth it! yayyy for spring!

these are the things that make me free

i feel like I'm stuck in stand by me
this night was too good to be true...

completely amazing time at the show last night---- Make Medicine Sick, The Dirtygetcaughts, a couple bands i cant recall & The Ataris!!

me with Kris Roe ♥ yes, i nerded out & took pictures with him & yes i told him all about how i saw them when they came to town ten years ago & how it was my first show & that it changed my life, etc. he was so sweet. & they were so sick, fuck yes they played san dimas, your boyfriend sucks, & the boys of summer~ all of which i enjoyed immensely.

Bryan (bass) & Aaron (guitar) & i. talk about killer beard! they were cool, but pssssssh dont have shit on kris roe since they arent legit. im also just now noticing all the plaid.... interesting trend. :)

love these people!

few shots of DGC.... check out the dirtygetcaughts they were rad, though they didnt play a few songs i was cravingggg, but they did have us shoot out serious amounts of bright & colorful confetti at a few moment, which i enjoyed profusely.

check out tommy shred!

i was too distracted by greatness to be snappin lots of pics, but i had an awesome time. crazy watching my friends open for the ataris... badass really. how about i felt really awesome when i got out of my beatle & heard "ERIN!" right away, i turned to see a friend Andrew i hadn't seen in ages asking me what i was doin... naturally i shared that i was going to the show (as i pointed across the street at the venue) he asks, "who's playing" to which i reply, "the ataris! my friends are opening for them." & he's all "does it matter?" & i'm like "uhhhh yeah? what do you mean?" again he came with "yea, does it matter?" & at this point i'm all "yeah dude of course it fucking matters, it's the ataris!!!" ...only to realize that another band was also playing at the show--- & their name you might wonder... "does it matter". glorious.