grass is always greener

instead of hunting for beautiful eggs (like 78% of my customers thought i was doing) yesterday i was doing some serious yard work & gardening with my awesome parents. say hello to the beautiful front lawn...

almost can't stand how adorable it is!

the old sod, which was dead & overrun with crazy weeds had to be dug up, bagged up & tossed aside. big props to pops & BG for tackling this massive job!!

then the dirt was leveled out with rakes, which i might add i was kind of awesome at... :) & they our new beautiful grassy sod was placed!

look at all our pretty new grass!!

& my shrooms! they look sooo cute out there, they have been sitting in the garage for months & months since i got an awesome deal on them- & i am so happy i got them, cause they look perfect! (yes i am admiring them from the porch!)

bird feeder, so wizard of oz~ish. love it.

sunburst flowers in my welcome pot, i could not wait to plant these, & how about i found out this morning they close at night & peek back out with sunny skies.
the path! what a transition!

i still cant believe the transformation that took place(neither can our neighbors!) i almost wish i had more gnarly pictures of the hideous dead grass & weeds we rocked for so long, but trust - it was not pleasurable to look at.

but nowwwwwwwww, we have a beautiful front lawn that is so welcoming! & we arent even through with it.... i am so exhausted but it was so worth it! yayyy for spring!


  1. The yard looks amazing. Can't wait to see it in person.


  2. thank ya! sooo much hard work, & i didnt do nearly as much as BG! i have a fond appreciation for landscapers now! you'll have to come over soon--- besides we want to take you to the casbah so you can enjoy some hookah :)


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