lively acoustic

ahhh i just love the sound of an acoustic guitar. hanging on every note, feeling the humm of the chords, something about it is so sweet. why yes jesse lacey, i'm a sucker for anything acoustic.

last night i was so looking forward to watching my friends john & carlos do an acoustic set at JackRabbits. unfortunately the headlining band canceled, another dropped out & so the show was canceled. bummmmmmmmmmer, originally. instead they came over to the house to play the set in the backroom for the us & our newly relocated to the 904 friends, colin & joanna. john is so absolutely talented, music just lives inside of him. its such a beautiful thing to witness the magic come out of him when he plays. so much passion. & carlos is awesome too, they flow so well together, & his foot pedals are sick.

It was fabulous & after their wonderful set they did we all drank & had great conversations filled with laughter. & i was probably drinking too much & up too late for having to be at work at 7:15 but sometimes it just doesn't matter... being surrounded by incredible individuals & having a good time is far more important than being well rested for a friday work day. note: you can sleep when you're dead.

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