weekend wedding

love love love ♥ oh another wedding we attended this weekend. this time our sweet Garrett became a husband & a step father! BG was one of his groomsman at he & Alli's lovely outdoor wedding. something about me, i just love going to weddings. absolutely love them.... getting all dressed up, dancing, eating delicious food, & being in an environment celebrating love. i always have a good time & its so beautiful. not to mention the fact that i thoroughly enjoy critiquing every detail in my brain, all the while dreaming up how mine will be one day. it really was a lovely quaint wedding out in a park overlooking the river. the guys were all so handsome in their aqua shirts & linen pants with flip flops...

 & the bride was stunning, her dress was very unique & she looked beautiful. somehow i was put in charge of hitting the play button on an ipod stereo to "here comes the bride" while sitting a few rows back from the front of where the two would wed. Sure, it seems like a simple task, but not gonna lie i kept worrying that i would mess it up- & all of a sudden the thing starts skipping & all these people starting staring at me, and i would probably start nervously laughing or something terrible like that. alas, luckily it went perfectly & i didnt drop the ball on that one.

Garrett's little brother had me crackin up when he went up to do a speech (he was the best man) & began reading the speech Allan reads in the Hangover to the guys about joining his wolfpack. nothing like throwing "cocaine & strippers" into a speech at a family wedding. ♥ here are just a few pics from the wedding ~

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