"hey, we have some victorias secret used panties"

seriously was told that this morning at the flea market. thank you, ill be purchasing my panties fresh. I went antiquing & flea market browsing today! The pecan park flea market was kind of a disappointment, especially after hearing rave reviews. but things like that are hit & miss.

BUT, i did leave with an awesome old green pyrex casserole dish, with coordinating lid. I'll take that to add to my collection, thank you very much. at fans & stoves in five points i found a giant jar of vintage buttons that i swooned over & immediately purchased, & i also grabbed a summery dress from the 40's with fruit all over it. It was a little much needed therapy & plus, it's so fun hunting & buying vintage.

vintage buttons are my favorite! i cant wait to create things with them!!

Guess what? Today is my dad's fifty-third birthday. & it's time to celebrate at the bowling alley where i will inevitably get my ass kicked consecutively, drink a couple beers, & watch my pops climb on a stool & do the funky chicken. wonderful sunday ♥ in store. Happy birthday pops, i love you!

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