it's true

& especially mondays that bring you back to a painful reality after a lovely little vacation. literally painful~ i woke up with a gnarly crock in my neck (i think that's the expression, or is it crick?) anyway, i've been battling it all day & its just awful. perhaps it was the giant pillows i bought that are probably too fat for my own good. oh well, now i stand/sit/lay at a constant head tilt. pretty sexy.

back to my little venture up to the windy city.... chi-town baby, we gets down baby! it was amazing. absolutely amazing. we did so many different things & still missed out on so much. seriously awesome city, Chicagoans rule. everyone is so nice up there. & how about they had record highs for April while we were there--- perfect much? i am so looking forward to uploading the pics later onto my lappy.

we almost didnt make it back. we were literally minutes away from missing our plane. i'm talking running home alone style through the airport late.... bookin it straight off the L train to the gate late, where luckily there were delayed long enough for us to arrive right in the nick of time. the universe was on our side, our flight was scheduled to leave at 10:23 & we made it there at like 10:22. that meant we got hit with many dirty looks, seats separated apart, bags that had to be checked instead of carried on but we were so relieved it did not even matter.

OH & being reunited with button is the best thing ever. dogs make you feel like the most important most wonderful person in the world :)

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