there's a light on....

time to pack!! i'm leaving in t-minus sixteen hours! (yes, & i still haven't got a thing packed) Chicago :) for five days & i cannot wait to explore a new city. The itinerary is lookin soooo sweet. blue man group, the art institute, alder after dark @ the planetarium, visiting baby g, chicago style pizza & china town, john hancock observatory, shopping, exploring, a cubs vs. astros game, night clubs, a comedy show, the aquarium, bars...... & who knows what else!! basically i am mega impressed with my planning abilities thus far, being that i'm the type of girl that doesn't do a whole lot of planning for anything. 
Might get everything marked off the list, where would the fun be in that? But, color me super excited!
 I can't wait to get away to a new place ♥♥♥

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