holy memorial day weekend

i certainly enjoyed myself this weekend partying & eating hotdogs & dressing my darling button up in "USA Cutie" fits. i also spent a ridiculous amount of hours posted up on my couch with LC attempting to watch movies that could only fall under one simple category... "guaranteed to be good". this was a difficult feat being that we were going solely off brief descriptions & the appearance of the film cover. im comfortable enough to tell you that we pretty much failed at that task.

we started a movie called Anti-Christ - & inevitably. could not stop picturing William Da Foe as the Green Goblin. Nothing in the first 45 mins said anything Anti-Christ like to me. Boring and uncomfortable as hell... it got trashed.

& then came The Machinist. This movie was actually pretty badass. Classified under: Serious Mind Fuck. It was so intense & i could not take my eyes off Christian Bale's barely there frail bod. The whole time wondering what is going on!! & how is all of this going to come together - its brilliant.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men wasn't as good as i had hoped. Catchy title no? oh, dont get me wrong, it did have its glorious moments... but with a title like that it fell short. & clearly we are hard girls to please.

I'm thinking there's going to be a lot more movie madness days in my future. XOXO

your chromosomes have combined beautifully.

something i heard once. 
it resonated with me.


bonnie scotland

in photos ♥

adventures in...


It was a culture shock that felt so cozy & like home. it snowed the following morning i arrived, then hailed three times... opposite world of toes in sand ninety-eight degree sunny rays following you about. the love there is amazing. i stayed next door to my grandparents house with two special ladies that have no blood ties to me, but feel more like family than most of my legit family. Seriously, you cannot imagine the sweetness these women are filled with, i'm talking real life cupcakes. Every morning i came downstairs & Margaret would have a full breakfast table set for me. picture: jam jars on little saucers with jam spoons. jam spoons... did you even know such a thing existed!? a tiny milk jug along side a mug waited to be filled with coffee & placed next to the empty juice cup. she would go to the trouble of placing a little bowl for my cheerios out next to side table with a knife placed ever so thoughtfully on top for buttering my toast. i mean, she would even put down a tablecloth. & i would either enjoy my breakfast talking with her, or talking to her cousin Marion. Everyday they would be so excited to see what i would be wearing & Marion & i would go for walks, some nights i was staying up with them past 3 am talking endlessly with them and my mom.

my cousin Erica was just lovely. actually, she's my second cousin & shes absolutely awesome! i

Seriously, my trip would not have been so wonderful without her there. getting to know her again, taking first scottish whiskey shots with me at the bar, having "fags on the fly", going on scenic journeys, shopping together, & "cully dancing with the tinks of the town".

i had really sweet chats with my grandfather, loved seeing family i havent been around in years & years, visited the Castle of Mey where the Queen Mother would spend her Augusts, collected Thurso beach stones, ate loads of crisps, watched a live Scottish band, hanging out with the boys we would play man hunt & "football" with fifteen years ago, pub crawls, listening to Ann's wild life, laughing with a little cute redheaded nine year old boy i'm related to, playing mario kart with Ericas nieces, had the most amazing fish & chips, really- it was great.

& okay, they can grow beautiful tulips in their gardens. ♥

back in the red, white & blue

for the past two weeks i have been in a far, far away land known to most as Scotland, known to my mom as Bonnie Scotland. & i have returned in one piece, meaning that volcanic ash did not take me or my plane to a horrifying death. which was splendid! It feels crazy to be back home, i woke up wayyyy early this morning in bed confused as to where i was. hello Florida.... it seems like ages since i have been here. So my vacation explains the lack of blog updates. I'll be uploading photos from my new camera & of my adventures soon!!

button my darling is beyond ecstatic to have me home! seriously did not matter how tired i was, she made me smile & laugh & made me feel so loved ! i missed her little face so much. as for now, i'm jet lagged but it's definitely time to shower. im looking seriously like a hot mess & haven't stepped foot in a shower that doesn't have an on/off switch (really) in two weeks. so, i'm happy to be home.

sort of.. but, a part of me didn't want to leave Scotland. 

its tuesday right?

i just asked myself that out loud as i lay here in my bed... my mind has been racing all day, it seems that i am getting ahead of myself. oh tuesday. i am relieved. thank you sweet tuesday, this means i still have wednesday & thursday to get myself all ready for leaving saturday to jet across the pond to bonnie Scotland. I'm silly for losing track of time, i've just felt so insanely busy lately.

Sometimes i wish i was Zach Morris & that i could call time-out. Steal time & wander to a magical place to catch my breath, without missing any minutes here on Earth.

in other news, i'm pretty well convinced that years of unsolved mysteries as a child combined with my great love of crime & or murder stories (ie- dateline, 48 hours, etc ) has turned me into a giant paranoid boob. yes, boob. i often come home at night deathly afraid that i am going to be robbed, raped, stolen, tortured, or murdered on a regular basis. irs not like any of the afore mentioned things have happened, but petrified i am nonetheless. hopefully if anything tragic like that does happen, i can be one of the victims that ends up on Oprah explaining how i sweet talked my way into the monsters heart & became his friend to avoid harm. Reasonable right? Either that or i'll morph into an epic badass. 

Tomorrow is cinco de mayo! & my sweet amber is getting induced & her little maraca will be welcomed to planet Earth! i cant wait to meet her :)