back in the red, white & blue

for the past two weeks i have been in a far, far away land known to most as Scotland, known to my mom as Bonnie Scotland. & i have returned in one piece, meaning that volcanic ash did not take me or my plane to a horrifying death. which was splendid! It feels crazy to be back home, i woke up wayyyy early this morning in bed confused as to where i was. hello Florida.... it seems like ages since i have been here. So my vacation explains the lack of blog updates. I'll be uploading photos from my new camera & of my adventures soon!!

button my darling is beyond ecstatic to have me home! seriously did not matter how tired i was, she made me smile & laugh & made me feel so loved ! i missed her little face so much. as for now, i'm jet lagged but it's definitely time to shower. im looking seriously like a hot mess & haven't stepped foot in a shower that doesn't have an on/off switch (really) in two weeks. so, i'm happy to be home.

sort of.. but, a part of me didn't want to leave Scotland. 

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