its tuesday right?

i just asked myself that out loud as i lay here in my bed... my mind has been racing all day, it seems that i am getting ahead of myself. oh tuesday. i am relieved. thank you sweet tuesday, this means i still have wednesday & thursday to get myself all ready for leaving saturday to jet across the pond to bonnie Scotland. I'm silly for losing track of time, i've just felt so insanely busy lately.

Sometimes i wish i was Zach Morris & that i could call time-out. Steal time & wander to a magical place to catch my breath, without missing any minutes here on Earth.

in other news, i'm pretty well convinced that years of unsolved mysteries as a child combined with my great love of crime & or murder stories (ie- dateline, 48 hours, etc ) has turned me into a giant paranoid boob. yes, boob. i often come home at night deathly afraid that i am going to be robbed, raped, stolen, tortured, or murdered on a regular basis. irs not like any of the afore mentioned things have happened, but petrified i am nonetheless. hopefully if anything tragic like that does happen, i can be one of the victims that ends up on Oprah explaining how i sweet talked my way into the monsters heart & became his friend to avoid harm. Reasonable right? Either that or i'll morph into an epic badass. 

Tomorrow is cinco de mayo! & my sweet amber is getting induced & her little maraca will be welcomed to planet Earth! i cant wait to meet her :)

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