invading the future

& to think all this time i thought my mellow yellow VW droptop was hot....


clearly doesnt have anything on this space invader mini! I cant even imagine the fun i would have driving this little gem around town... i wonder how many people beam giant teeth ripping smiles when this zooms past. so sick! & i am pretty sure that this is me exposing my Über dork side.... which is fine. i'll admit it, i grew up a nintendo kid~ & i clearly remember when my dad introduced me to his beloved atari.

its crazy how video games have evolved & how they have completely exceeded my brain capacity, i mean space invaders was sweet, but if it was created now it would involve thirteen buttons, a headset, thirty eight different weapons to kill aliens with & i wouldnt stand a chance at defending the human race. some things are just better old school.

LQTM (laughing quietly to myself.)

Recently i was introduced to this gentleman known as Demetri Martin, perhaps you have heard of him.... he has a show on Comedy Central that i have not had the pleasure of seeing, but i watched an hour of his stand up & fell in awe struck comedic love with this man~

so sharp, witty & out of the box... i HIGHLY recommend checking out Demetri Martin. unless you hate to laugh, or are completely unable to grasp jokes & let them dance in your brain til they force their way out of you via giggle box.

what up suzie homemaker... this weekend i made my world famous forget me not mushy kisses!

& by world famous, i do mean somewhat known by humans who are a part of my natural environment who enjoy tasty peanut butter cookies covered in sweet sugar with soft chocolate kisses floating atop them ever so delicately. i shared them with my fellow bankers Saturday afternoon. sharing is caring!

i wonder what it would be like to meet my dog in human form. & i mean really get to talk to her about legitimately important things. "Hey Button, whats your beef with Chance the LabraDoodle?" "Butts, how can you always pick out individuals sending out evil vibes yards away?" "Are you laughing on inside when little dudes have no idea where they are supposed to hump you?" & "Little Buttony, do you realize how absolutely adorable you are?"

:D okay, i know the last answer... it's yes ♥

art through audrey

the other evening i found myself browsing the interwebs (specifically my long list of bookmarks) & entered the magical & ever so inspiring world of Audrey Kawasaki, an incredible artist i have been swooning over for oh... about two years. i decided i could not help but share her unique & wonderful world here on my blog. Her work is so sexual & dark & at the same time sweetly innocent & childlike.

"The figures she paints are seductive and contain an air of melancholy. They exist in their own sensually esoteric realm, yet at the same time present a sense of accessibility that draws the observer to them. These mysterious young women captivate with the direct stare of their bedroom eyes."

i so crave one of her pieces in my home ♥ happy weekend, i love saturdaze!

i like to play this game.... whats up Nigar?

sooo saturday night i went to see this man~

jon lovitz stand on a stage & spit jokes. unfortunately i have no photographic evidence of said event because he was very adamant about no photos being taken of him. i mean the MC made it crystal clear that in the earlier show a woman video taping him via her cell phone "totally screwed up his bit". i thought that was pretty lame, but he made me laugh a lot so kudos to him. it was definitely a big mistake to use the restroom when he decided to talk about banging Madonna during A League of Their Own days. i love stand up comedy, its one of the best natural highs you can get. & by natural i mean comes with a two drink minimum, but laughter is the best drug out. lots of fun :D he did have some really funny jokes, so im glad no photos jacked up his gig.

besides that i sweated bullets while washing my filthy beast of a beatle daisy, & she looks so lovely now.

& i finally put my new sticker from Scotland on my beatle. love it!

happy sunday! & happy fathers day... unfortunately i wasn't able to spend my day with daddy because he is visiting his pops all the way in Virginia, but alas here i am house sitting & hoping for my work week to be pleasant, productive & pristine!


ooophhh daisy

daisies are the sweetest little blossoms of sunshine. aren't they lovely? i remember being a little girl plucking the petals one by one whispering "he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me..." because if you were ever wondering, a daisy knows the intense inner workings love. & confession: i still play the game. Maybe its the nostalgia that makes me appreciate daisies so much, or maybe its their charm. either way they bring smiles to my face ♥ so does this song / video.

bright lights floating everywhere like i'm floating in the air

would you even believe me if i told you that this beautiful creature is growing wildly in my backyard? i suppose i am using that term loosely, the old man who lived in this house once upon a time before he fell into his grave mayyyy have planted it, but it is thriving ever so wildly nonetheless. it reminds me of an octopus, i dont even know what it's called but i like to think its a mysterious exotic- almost erotic plant whose sole purpose is to make me smile. Perhaps it was brought here by aliens. Ok, maybe i'm reaching... but on the topic of aliens, while i was in Scotland i asked my Grandfather if he believed there was life on other planets... being a man who has always been interested in astronomy i was convinced he would say yes. This however, was not the case, is it just me or does it seem narcissistic to think that we are the only living breathing species in the universe?

technology--- how is it possible that i can love & hate you with the same utmost intensity?!? how can you little electronic devices bring so much happiness & joy into my life & just as easily crush my spirits... making me want to bang my head against a massive brick wall? I wonder... is Steve Jobs aware of the torture he puts me, and i am sure a million other techy geeks through on a daily, possibly hourly basis? i suppose its possible that the true techy geeks don't flip out at all because they get on their little forums and bullshit it out there making themselves even cooler.... but for me, i'll just have to wonder where the hell 300 artists disappeared to while i slept. universe, do you realize you took away my beatles & left me with "beeda weeda". um, fucking, thanks.

ok, enough bitching. i really love this song / video ~ especially how he enunciates the word tone. & it for the obvious fact that it reminds me of the old game shows on television where they said things like "whoopie". brilliant!

welcome to planet earth little one

babies. the word rhymes with rabies, but actually the two are entirely different things. imagine that? i like little babies, i like to hold them & touch their little cheeks & hands & all, but the idea of having one myself - absolutely scares the beeejesus out of me. i went to visit my sweet friend amber & finally meet her & Derek's great creation.


irie blue

i am positive i have never seen a newborn look cuter or be sweeter. she actually slept basically the entire time i was there & i just admired her adorable little attributes. i am genuinely thrilled for Amber & D after seeing their little gem & how much happiness is literally bursting out of new mommy. its really cute.

i bought irie a ridiculously cute dress at this baby shop called gymboree, which personally, if you really want to know, i think is a horrible name for a babies clothing store... i mean, it sounds like it should be athletic apparel for circus people or something. just sayin. anyway, the girl asks me for my rewards card when i finally went to purchase it after spending entirely too long in her store being overwhelmed with miniature sunglasses, socks that look like shoes, and outfits with giraffes, cherries, strawberries, cupcakes & things of that nature - you get the idea. i was so taken back that she just assumed i would have a rewards card, suggesting that i am a seasoned gymboree shopper in need of rewards. clearly the fact that i felt offended by this means no babies, not for me, not anytime soon.

as for now- i will just spoil the offspring of others. & naturally of my own little one with spots & four legs ♥


one woman i would love to travel through time to have a drink with ~ Lucille Ball. She was so influential & beautiful in her day. & she is still so sweetly refreshing. it's always so hard to pass up an episode of I Love Lucy on the rare occasion i see it on the guide. how amazing to reach generations long after hers & still be loved. to lucy, with love.


sunday evening i found myself skype-ing with my sweet Jessica & her bf Simon in south Florida. fast forward to monday evening & my door step was met with said spontaneous friends. my little home became a stopping point on their ultimately renounced journey towards the Appalachian Trail. it was so lovely & unexpected to come home from work to someone (besides sweet little button) & just hanggg, i love them.

oh & i learned last night that i have been riding around town with an expired tag since August two thousand & nine. interesting that it has just now been brought to my attention by an officer who had nothing better to do, than to check parked cars for something he could write them up for. psssssssh i laugh at your twenty five dollars duval county!

sooo, i talked to my BG for the first time in three weeks earlier today. He kept calling me at work from numbers that began with plus signs that had me anxious as hell, because i kept missing them. They stopped in France for a few days & he rang me from a hotel he is sharing with some fellow sailors. ughh, three weeks of not hearing his voice. i cried. its crazy the things you take for granted in a relationship, any relationship. the distance is really trying.

cooking for one = toasted asiago turkey bagel sandwich with garlic & herbs cream cheese. sad, but quite enjoyable. much better with fresh coffee & on top of mexican blankets at memorial park. just sayin.

i dream of time traveling devices, id love to be taken awayyyy

grapefruit vodka basil deliciousness

hola. let me start by saying my taste buds entered into rejoicing bliss saturday evening as i covered my pallet with blackened mahi-mahi, a loaded baked potato (sans sour cream), hush puppies, & fat sliced cucumbers dipped in ranch dressing. yummm. i cannot fully express my utter & complete satisfaction with that meal.

if we travel furthur back, friday night i was picked up my by dear friend LC to support our friend Colin's band ~ Dark Horse Saloon (which may i just add, that they are really rad!) & that is clearly why they opened for Drink Up Buttercup, Free Energy & Jukebox the Ghost. I was so feeling all the bands. incredible. see for yourself :
drink up buttercup

these guys were so enthusiastic! & they had a wigged mannequin head on their keyboard. um awesome...?

there are few things more enjoyable in life than being in the presence of incredible live music. i love the feeling of being unable to stand still & letting the music take you away. i'm thrilled about my new DHS sticker & will proudly be repping it on my beetle, Daisy.

unfortunately i didnt take pics at the show but i did get some after at jackrabbits & then at dive bar downtown with LC. so much fun, so much fun! I was having a black & white kind of night:


take a moment & create the Rocky Votolato station on Pandora. your ears will thank you later... its absolutely perfect. its a good thing i watered my plants & flowers today before it rained for two hours straight. brilliant !

friday is creeping in a mere 28 minutes. i could not be more enthralled by this! how is it possible that after coming off a three day weekend i feel i deserve a four day one? that may or may not have something to do with the blandness of my job. i'm just not stimulated, & how is it possible that anyone would or could settle for some job or career that doesn't challenge, inspire, or invigorate anyone? consider this my admittance that i want more.

hey genie, can i just have a little boutique filled with beautiful quirky things. the walls will be covered in art, all local originals with some of my own. fun vintage pieces dawning shelves. adorable dresses in lovely prints. interesting things with a story. & a small music corner with heavily rotated incredible artists up for sale. & yes, i think fresh, moist delicious cupcakes are in order.

please & thank you.

i wonder how many individuals separately find 11:11 strike the clock & make little wishes to themselves.

i perpetually see 11:11 & it brings a smile to my face, always leaving me making silent deep down wishes. silly perhaps, but no sillier than superstitions or even religious practices. maybe its the universe communicating pleasantries twice a day simply to spread love & imaginative thoughts.

weekend agenda:
my friend colin of Dark Horse Saloon is playing w/ Free Energy, Drink Up Buttercup & Jukebox the Ghost. Radical!
work on a painting.
bike rides on bluella.
& walks with little button.

ok so, im shitty at planning. i just plan to breathe in happiness.

darting drops

few things are more satisfying than listening to rain dance on rooftops.

there is something so romantic about it ♥

although i have no one to share it with tonight it is still so enjoyable. i just love to listen to the rain, kiss in the rain, snuggle... its so wonderful.

i recently got a giant jar of vintage buttons at the antique mall by my house & tonight i was looking through them & thinking of all the wonderfully creative things i want to do with them. sooo exciting! i dont know what it is about buttons that make me smile so much, ever since i was a little girl i would love to just dump them out and look through them. they are so aesthetically pleasing & can instantly make anything a little cuter.

& romance, button crafts, & rain aside... i'm also currently dreaming of...having a beautiful tub like this

does it get any more inviting!?

i just realized how stereotypical this post comes off.... lonely girl in the rain, dreaming of bubble baths? haha oh well, to top it all im closing by saying that im about to enjoy a slice of moist delicious chocolate cake with strawberries. seriously. be jealous!

enough said.