bright lights floating everywhere like i'm floating in the air

would you even believe me if i told you that this beautiful creature is growing wildly in my backyard? i suppose i am using that term loosely, the old man who lived in this house once upon a time before he fell into his grave mayyyy have planted it, but it is thriving ever so wildly nonetheless. it reminds me of an octopus, i dont even know what it's called but i like to think its a mysterious exotic- almost erotic plant whose sole purpose is to make me smile. Perhaps it was brought here by aliens. Ok, maybe i'm reaching... but on the topic of aliens, while i was in Scotland i asked my Grandfather if he believed there was life on other planets... being a man who has always been interested in astronomy i was convinced he would say yes. This however, was not the case, is it just me or does it seem narcissistic to think that we are the only living breathing species in the universe?

technology--- how is it possible that i can love & hate you with the same utmost intensity?!? how can you little electronic devices bring so much happiness & joy into my life & just as easily crush my spirits... making me want to bang my head against a massive brick wall? I wonder... is Steve Jobs aware of the torture he puts me, and i am sure a million other techy geeks through on a daily, possibly hourly basis? i suppose its possible that the true techy geeks don't flip out at all because they get on their little forums and bullshit it out there making themselves even cooler.... but for me, i'll just have to wonder where the hell 300 artists disappeared to while i slept. universe, do you realize you took away my beatles & left me with "beeda weeda". um, fucking, thanks.

ok, enough bitching. i really love this song / video ~ especially how he enunciates the word tone. & it for the obvious fact that it reminds me of the old game shows on television where they said things like "whoopie". brilliant!

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