sunday evening i found myself skype-ing with my sweet Jessica & her bf Simon in south Florida. fast forward to monday evening & my door step was met with said spontaneous friends. my little home became a stopping point on their ultimately renounced journey towards the Appalachian Trail. it was so lovely & unexpected to come home from work to someone (besides sweet little button) & just hanggg, i love them.

oh & i learned last night that i have been riding around town with an expired tag since August two thousand & nine. interesting that it has just now been brought to my attention by an officer who had nothing better to do, than to check parked cars for something he could write them up for. psssssssh i laugh at your twenty five dollars duval county!

sooo, i talked to my BG for the first time in three weeks earlier today. He kept calling me at work from numbers that began with plus signs that had me anxious as hell, because i kept missing them. They stopped in France for a few days & he rang me from a hotel he is sharing with some fellow sailors. ughh, three weeks of not hearing his voice. i cried. its crazy the things you take for granted in a relationship, any relationship. the distance is really trying.

cooking for one = toasted asiago turkey bagel sandwich with garlic & herbs cream cheese. sad, but quite enjoyable. much better with fresh coffee & on top of mexican blankets at memorial park. just sayin.

i dream of time traveling devices, id love to be taken awayyyy

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