darting drops

few things are more satisfying than listening to rain dance on rooftops.

there is something so romantic about it ♥

although i have no one to share it with tonight it is still so enjoyable. i just love to listen to the rain, kiss in the rain, snuggle... its so wonderful.

i recently got a giant jar of vintage buttons at the antique mall by my house & tonight i was looking through them & thinking of all the wonderfully creative things i want to do with them. sooo exciting! i dont know what it is about buttons that make me smile so much, ever since i was a little girl i would love to just dump them out and look through them. they are so aesthetically pleasing & can instantly make anything a little cuter.

& romance, button crafts, & rain aside... i'm also currently dreaming of...having a beautiful tub like this

does it get any more inviting!?

i just realized how stereotypical this post comes off.... lonely girl in the rain, dreaming of bubble baths? haha oh well, to top it all im closing by saying that im about to enjoy a slice of moist delicious chocolate cake with strawberries. seriously. be jealous!

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