grapefruit vodka basil deliciousness

hola. let me start by saying my taste buds entered into rejoicing bliss saturday evening as i covered my pallet with blackened mahi-mahi, a loaded baked potato (sans sour cream), hush puppies, & fat sliced cucumbers dipped in ranch dressing. yummm. i cannot fully express my utter & complete satisfaction with that meal.

if we travel furthur back, friday night i was picked up my by dear friend LC to support our friend Colin's band ~ Dark Horse Saloon (which may i just add, that they are really rad!) & that is clearly why they opened for Drink Up Buttercup, Free Energy & Jukebox the Ghost. I was so feeling all the bands. incredible. see for yourself :
drink up buttercup

these guys were so enthusiastic! & they had a wigged mannequin head on their keyboard. um awesome...?

there are few things more enjoyable in life than being in the presence of incredible live music. i love the feeling of being unable to stand still & letting the music take you away. i'm thrilled about my new DHS sticker & will proudly be repping it on my beetle, Daisy.

unfortunately i didnt take pics at the show but i did get some after at jackrabbits & then at dive bar downtown with LC. so much fun, so much fun! I was having a black & white kind of night:

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