holy memorial day weekend

i certainly enjoyed myself this weekend partying & eating hotdogs & dressing my darling button up in "USA Cutie" fits. i also spent a ridiculous amount of hours posted up on my couch with LC attempting to watch movies that could only fall under one simple category... "guaranteed to be good". this was a difficult feat being that we were going solely off brief descriptions & the appearance of the film cover. im comfortable enough to tell you that we pretty much failed at that task.

we started a movie called Anti-Christ - & inevitably. could not stop picturing William Da Foe as the Green Goblin. Nothing in the first 45 mins said anything Anti-Christ like to me. Boring and uncomfortable as hell... it got trashed.

& then came The Machinist. This movie was actually pretty badass. Classified under: Serious Mind Fuck. It was so intense & i could not take my eyes off Christian Bale's barely there frail bod. The whole time wondering what is going on!! & how is all of this going to come together - its brilliant.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men wasn't as good as i had hoped. Catchy title no? oh, dont get me wrong, it did have its glorious moments... but with a title like that it fell short. & clearly we are hard girls to please.

I'm thinking there's going to be a lot more movie madness days in my future. XOXO

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