i like to play this game.... whats up Nigar?

sooo saturday night i went to see this man~

jon lovitz stand on a stage & spit jokes. unfortunately i have no photographic evidence of said event because he was very adamant about no photos being taken of him. i mean the MC made it crystal clear that in the earlier show a woman video taping him via her cell phone "totally screwed up his bit". i thought that was pretty lame, but he made me laugh a lot so kudos to him. it was definitely a big mistake to use the restroom when he decided to talk about banging Madonna during A League of Their Own days. i love stand up comedy, its one of the best natural highs you can get. & by natural i mean comes with a two drink minimum, but laughter is the best drug out. lots of fun :D he did have some really funny jokes, so im glad no photos jacked up his gig.

besides that i sweated bullets while washing my filthy beast of a beatle daisy, & she looks so lovely now.

& i finally put my new sticker from Scotland on my beatle. love it!

happy sunday! & happy fathers day... unfortunately i wasn't able to spend my day with daddy because he is visiting his pops all the way in Virginia, but alas here i am house sitting & hoping for my work week to be pleasant, productive & pristine!


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  1. i lovvvvee the youtube ipod on your blog! that is awesome!


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