invading the future

& to think all this time i thought my mellow yellow VW droptop was hot....


clearly doesnt have anything on this space invader mini! I cant even imagine the fun i would have driving this little gem around town... i wonder how many people beam giant teeth ripping smiles when this zooms past. so sick! & i am pretty sure that this is me exposing my Über dork side.... which is fine. i'll admit it, i grew up a nintendo kid~ & i clearly remember when my dad introduced me to his beloved atari.

its crazy how video games have evolved & how they have completely exceeded my brain capacity, i mean space invaders was sweet, but if it was created now it would involve thirteen buttons, a headset, thirty eight different weapons to kill aliens with & i wouldnt stand a chance at defending the human race. some things are just better old school.

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  1. I agree.

    Great blog! (:


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