LQTM (laughing quietly to myself.)

Recently i was introduced to this gentleman known as Demetri Martin, perhaps you have heard of him.... he has a show on Comedy Central that i have not had the pleasure of seeing, but i watched an hour of his stand up & fell in awe struck comedic love with this man~

so sharp, witty & out of the box... i HIGHLY recommend checking out Demetri Martin. unless you hate to laugh, or are completely unable to grasp jokes & let them dance in your brain til they force their way out of you via giggle box.

what up suzie homemaker... this weekend i made my world famous forget me not mushy kisses!

& by world famous, i do mean somewhat known by humans who are a part of my natural environment who enjoy tasty peanut butter cookies covered in sweet sugar with soft chocolate kisses floating atop them ever so delicately. i shared them with my fellow bankers Saturday afternoon. sharing is caring!

i wonder what it would be like to meet my dog in human form. & i mean really get to talk to her about legitimately important things. "Hey Button, whats your beef with Chance the LabraDoodle?" "Butts, how can you always pick out individuals sending out evil vibes yards away?" "Are you laughing on inside when little dudes have no idea where they are supposed to hump you?" & "Little Buttony, do you realize how absolutely adorable you are?"

:D okay, i know the last answer... it's yes ♥

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  1. I was on the street....and this guy waved and walked up to me and said "Oh I'm sorry thought you were someone else" I said...I AM!!


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