welcome to planet earth little one

babies. the word rhymes with rabies, but actually the two are entirely different things. imagine that? i like little babies, i like to hold them & touch their little cheeks & hands & all, but the idea of having one myself - absolutely scares the beeejesus out of me. i went to visit my sweet friend amber & finally meet her & Derek's great creation.


irie blue

i am positive i have never seen a newborn look cuter or be sweeter. she actually slept basically the entire time i was there & i just admired her adorable little attributes. i am genuinely thrilled for Amber & D after seeing their little gem & how much happiness is literally bursting out of new mommy. its really cute.

i bought irie a ridiculously cute dress at this baby shop called gymboree, which personally, if you really want to know, i think is a horrible name for a babies clothing store... i mean, it sounds like it should be athletic apparel for circus people or something. just sayin. anyway, the girl asks me for my rewards card when i finally went to purchase it after spending entirely too long in her store being overwhelmed with miniature sunglasses, socks that look like shoes, and outfits with giraffes, cherries, strawberries, cupcakes & things of that nature - you get the idea. i was so taken back that she just assumed i would have a rewards card, suggesting that i am a seasoned gymboree shopper in need of rewards. clearly the fact that i felt offended by this means no babies, not for me, not anytime soon.

as for now- i will just spoil the offspring of others. & naturally of my own little one with spots & four legs ♥

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