love crushed ravioli

hello hello !! i decided i wanted to share a deliciously simple recipe out here internet land. i really love this dish, i've made it twice & my most favorite part is that i can put it in my favorite little pyrex dish ♥ okay feast your eyes on this & set aside ohhhh twelve minutes & then you will enter into pure taste bud titillation.

Love Crushed Ravioli ♥

1 pkg (20 oz) refrigerated four~chesse ravioli (i like bertolli!)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 large garlic clove crushed
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
2 Tbsp chives & minced parsley
1/3 cup love
1/4 tsp salt

Bring a 5~6 qt pot of salted water to boil. Add Raviolis & cook as directed. Gently drain the little guys and softly place in pot.

Meanwhile, put EVOO, garlic & crushed red pepper flakes in a 1qt sauce pan. Heat over medium heat until garlic turns light golden, remove from heat.

Add tasty garlic oil mixture to pot with ravioli. Add chives, parsley & sauce to coat lovingly.

Share & enjoy ♥

eat it on the grass

Color me ecstatic that tomorrow is the beautiful day of the week known as Friday !! Of course Friday doesn't taste as sweet as Saturday, but it still leaves a fresh feeling in my mouth. Tonight i went to my parents house for homemade bombass curry & rice with my family & met a little kitty named Simba that my brothers girlfriend Caitlin has decided to adopt. Coolest thing about this cat? It thinks its a dog... ive never heard a cat growl before... Button kept licking it all over & the little thing kept growling at her, absolutely hilarious. Animals are wonderful.

Speaking of animals, i learned today that my fourteen pound weenie dog is FOUR pounds overweight. I'm pretty sure this means i'm a bad mother who feeds her too much & doesn't take her on enough walks. Serious crush to the ego.

Last night i took a friend to Jackrabbits, one of my absolute favorite venues in Jax for a show. Two friends of mine in separate bands were playing so it seemed pretty perfect, especially for a little hump day action. Show was awesome, lots of energy, lots of dancing in my skirt that was probably too short & great music. I love good atmosphere, and jackrabbits usually has it. totally want to share Jax Local Band DarkHorse Saloon's first video with you all... its really creative & well done. So proud :) check it out!

they shared the stage with Son of a Bad Man which meant absolutely nothing to me until i realized that they were actually Shawn Fisher & the Jukebox Gypsies formally, a band i fell in love with after seeing them open for Third Eye Blind last Spring. Jizz balls of excitement, seriously... i love live music, its such a high.

♥ ♥ ♥

things i love tuesday

laying in bed in the rain (what im doing now ♥)
cooking delicious meals.
peeling glue from my hands.
orchids. especially when my orchids bloom for a second time.
waking up hours before my alarm clock.
kisses from button. & snuggling with her too.
blowing dandelions, making wishes.
having amazing dreams that leave me smiling through out the day.
clean sheet night.
getting dressed up.
finding gorgeous shoes on sale.
ripping the cellophane off a new cd.
having my hair brushed.
freshly painted nails.
the excitement that comes before seeing the one you love.

melodic mondaze

i traded in dinner for an unhealthy amount of cape cod sea salt & vinegar kettle cooked potato chips. i followed that up with dessert in the form of delicious malted balls known as Maltesers from the UK. Somehow i have managed to hold onto them since i was in Scotland, which is 'pat yourself on the back' worthy because those little balls are so fucking tasty. pretty responsible of me, i'm sure anyone would agree.

ooooooooooooooh sweet mondays, they bring out the worst in a lot of people. Most just so bitter that the weekend is over & you can't really blame them for that. i guess, sometimes i just wonder how much of the general public is just straight up miserable. coming face to face with them monday through friday i can confidently assure you there is a huge shift in friendliness & overall enthusiasm Monday vs. Tuesday. just sayin.

High five!! ...if you saw the moon last night & it stopped you in your tracks with its beauty like it did me. oh sweet moon, so large & just lovely, makes me wonder if you're out there staring & sharing the same thoughts as me.

So for volume three of melodic mondaze... i bring you a little bit of energy via Eminem. Picking up his new album Recovery is currently riding the top of my to do: list. Every song (& by every, i do mean three) i've heard off it (Not Afraid, Love The Way You Lie, Going Through Changes) is sick. Em is back! & all the artists he collaborates with on this album is pretty legit... instant smile as soon as i heard Ozzy. Enjoy :] & Happy Monday!!


yours truly spontaneously went latin dancing last night & i was seriously impressed with the moves spotted on the dance floor. i love being in a place that is full of energy, i am definitely no skilled latin dancer, but who even cares~ i was having a ball. i was also loving & downing a few yummy sex on the beaches :] i love dancing, doesnt even matter what type of music. i ran into my old friend Mike while i was out with my brother & his lady Caitlin & so he was my main dance partner, which was fun!!

after we were sweating & closed it down, i closed my night by cuddling with little chihuahuas. keeping in with the latin theme naturally. my weekend has been pretty chill, its hot & humid as hell out, but i am enjoying it while workin on a painting i started forever ago & have been neglecting. my background noise consits of a live john mayer show & the weenies-scooter & button running & jumping through the grass---- pretty perfect sunday, not gonna lie.

porchin it

i worked a mere four hours this morning, and though they seemed to drag on for ages, its finally over. i'm house/weenie dog sitting this weekend for my parents while they have a fun weekend away with friends & i'm currently taking in the sound of rain drops on their back porch. how it is possible that i still haven't purchased an adorable pair of rainbooties... i do not know. i almost bought a yellow pair with a tiny butterfly pattern but held off in hopes of something cuter. rain is so soothing, it just relaxes you & makes you ponder.

im currently dreaming that i could be in St. Augustine tonight for the sold out Sublime show....

but, while i'm dreaming i'll go ahead & make Bradley Nowell actually be there, alive & fucking jamming hard. The universe lost a brilliant & passionate musician that fateful day in ninety-six.

sooo happy its summertime saturday, i dont even know what to do with myself...

love is weighing heavily on me.

It's always interesting when complete strangers will begin to inquire about my religious beliefs moments after us meeting. They just throw it out there as if its as kosher as asking about the weather. This familiar scenario took place today while i was working & chatting with an older gentleman, who gasped when i casually replied "No." to his query i was a Christian. His face fell with astonishment & sadness, & thus began a conversation of shock & utter disbelief for him, as he wondered & probed how i could possibly be content living my life without Christianity!? This notion always surprises me, well to be completely honest as an Agnostic & having had this same conversation numerous times with many different people i can say, it doesn't completely surprise me.... just makes me wish more people could be capable of understanding that everyone is unique, & that its okay to believe whatever you want to believe. I have my reasons for believing what i do, just like you have yours for following whatever it is that you do. In the end i hope he was somewhat enlightened by my responses to his many questions, actually i even saw glimmers of acceptance to a few. Although, it was crystal clear that he had never met a girl quite like me, as he referred to me as "a strange creature" with a grin on his face... which i had no problem smiling at & taking as a compliment. I'd rather be strange than be just like everyone else.

you just have to smile & be proud of the person you are. There will always be people who don't understand things about you that make you you, but that's just one of the many glorious twists of life.

i think i brought a little bit of happiness into some other peoples lives today by sharing homemade cookies i baked last night. they were delicious, if i do say so myself.

always spread love ♥

j, did you write this for me...?


dear internet, i love you. i appreciate you so much for bringing me ridiculously hilarious videos from all over the place that just make me belly laugh... like these two on bunk beds. Completely brings me back to the late eighties & early nineties when i would sleep bunk bed style with my brother & i would always try to pester the shit out of him because...well, in case ya haven't heard thats what being a little sister is all about, i mean, obviously besides being really awesome at the building of forts....

last night i went out to dive bar with LC for dollar drinks.... and was reminded yet again how envious i get of her ability to morph into super bitch mode when approached by dudes. i just cant do it to the pathetic guys who muster up the courage to come over & small talk. Two gentlemen from Kansas decided they would sit with us at our table while LC gave them death stares & refused to acknowledge their existence on planet Earth, i was being nice. Well, granted my version of nice did include asking if either one had had sexual relations with any of their relatives...(can you guess where they were from?) both claimed no. i may or may not believe them.

i love hump days, passing out on my couch with my heterosexual life partner, & getting cheap drinks.

melodic mondaze

hello internet world :) presenting volume two of melodic mondaze!! not gonna lie i had a pretty amazing Monday, what better way to end it than with awesome music?

the first time i heard this song i was riding in my friends vehicle, instantly i was taken with the beauty of it, tapping my foot along, hanging on every lyric. So, i bring you Dustin Kensrue of Thrice, a song from his solo project that just moves me. You cant even help but sing along & feel his passion.

heres to hoping everyone out in the world wide web is having a wonderful monday. kisses & hugs from me to you!

currently dreaming of

Cruising! Staring out little port holes that give way to beautiful oceanic views.

Something i have been daydreaming every so often since late oh-eight (when i last went with BG to Belize, Mexico & Key West) & something that my subconscious was deep inside last night as i slept. I traveled to some beautiful island, via a ginormous, no wait gargantuous glorious ship known as The Mystic. Not sure whether or not this ship actually exists but it was absolutely gorgeous inside & out. I promise this is not me seeing how many adjectives i can use that begin with the letter G... moving on. There was a room made entirely of crystal. A spinning dance floor that i could not get off of, nor did i want to & the best part of all was so many people i love were on board. I kept running into so many lovely people all from separate time periods of my life & we ported on this island and played music, snorkeled & built sand castles & i even remember taking all these pictures with my camera on my phone. Of course, when i woke up the first thing i did was check my cellular device only to find no such excursion had taken place. Heartbreaking but absolutely exhilarating... i love dreaming, i love the places it takes me to, the new ideas it gives me & i have often wondered if the people in my dream are sharing the same dream at the exact moment in time.

i woke up & my mom called to ask me if i would like to join her & my dad to see "the new suspense movie with Leonardo DiCaprio." Being completely unaware Leo was in a new movie i jumped all over the opportunity. insert HELL YES [here] & so i called my broski & had him meet us to see Inception

I wish i had a little synopsis prior to entering, just so i knew what to prepare myself mentally for... but, i thoroughly enjoyed it. i actually really want to see it again. clearly, this means i am stamping it with approval. my brother completely loathed it, but the fact that it involved dreams, the different dimensions of the mind & layering of dreams, ahem LEO, awesome cinematography, & an overall unique plot ~ i was in movie heaven.

i got some new unmentionables, new paints, & a new picnic blanket this weekend, all of which i'm pretty excited about. i love love love the weekends ♥

hip hop hell

Friday evening after a long week of work i put on an adorable ivory & lace dress with some nude gladiator sandals (because i was feeling like a warrior) & accompanied my friend Tommy to Steamworks aka Lomax Lodge. Whatever you call it, its a little bar a few miles from my abode where the beer flows heavily & the Dj's are spinnin & if you're lucky... you'll catch some sick artists like we did.

Hip Hop Hell was presenting MYKA9, Medusa, Chop, & the Magic Heart Genies. Some serious talent coming from the West Coast that rocked our ear drums. Medusa rocks a fro hawk, which i have often fantasized about doing, if i was of the African American race :]

She also spits killer rhymes, had a big ass gold chain, & made the crowd erupt with energy. its no surprise that i was upfront bumpin around with fellow appreciators.

i love to see badass female artists who just get on stage & own it. Another female rapper, CHOP (who i believe is locally based, but cant find her on the web) was my favorite. She had a Jill Scott look about her, very earthy & hippy. She painted a kelly green mask on her face & was exuding so much confidence. She actually came up to me prior to getting on stage to give me a compliment. very cool. When she took the mic i was blown away by her melodic voice, not only does she rap but she sings so powerfully. i was definitely catchin the vibes she was sending out via sound waves. She had everyone take a moment of silence for the Ocean which i thought was really cool, & i am still singing part of her last song, where she got in the crowd & had us sing "higher, higher" to the appropriate parts. She killed it, & left the stage with her painted green mask dripping off her face, still smiling.

oh & speaking of hiphop~ check out my friend Vinny D's new video SummerTime... so lovin it right now~ *the sun is out im tryin to hang just like my necklace...

its plugged!

Just five days shy of three months since the oil leak started in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20 (for twenty!) & a whopping one hundred & eighty four million gallons !! of oil spilled later, BP finally found a solution that has successfully contained the oil. I'm thankful for that but still cannot wrap my head around how much damage this catastrophe has done to the environment, as well as the many individuals whose livelihoods have been shaken because of this.

more than anything i cant stop thinking about the seaturtles who have been covered in oil & swimming through it in hopes to get to clear waters. i wish i had clean water for them to swim in, i would house them in my backyard. seriously, maybe button would even swim with them ♥

melodic mondaze

Music is one of the best highs life can give you. It wraps all around you & expresses the movement of every feeling inside you. i love music, i love feeling the vibrations of it live, i love listening to it softly & intently, or loud as hell beaming through my car stereo. Confession, I'm even guilty of completely zoning out to the visualizer in iTunes on a somewhat regular basis. The very first thing i did when i came home from work a few hours ago (after giving kisses to my little button of course!) was strip off my clothes, put on my headphones & float off to different melodies. & while i was reading one of my favorite blogs~ a beautiful mess~ i was inspired by the lovely Elsie's advice for fellow bloggers, she suggested that one should do fun regular features on things they love.

& as i sat here lounging at my desk, peering out my window, headphones blaring... i decided that i should definitely do just that, regular posts on music. & so i bring you~

volume one is a lovely song by Jenny Lewis & her darling Scottish boyfriend Jonathan Rice. This is their first single "Scissor Runner" off their upcoming first album I'm Having Fun Now. It's an adorably catchy little love song, i just love Jenny Lewis & being half Scottish, its no surprise that i love Scottish lads named Johnny as well. Listen, crosss my heart it wont disappoint ♥

i am thinking its a sign....

currently giggling at these~ is it just me, or is everything is funnier in print?

[ice is back!?]

(personal fav!! When i have my own little shop i am so replicating this.)

on another note my ass is throbbing, which is always fun, from tubing out on the lake yesterday. i'm complaining but really im feeling slightly like a badass because i got some serious air & thought for sure i was gonna eat it... but alas i landed like a lady. i wore my new vintage inspired bikini & unlike the last time i went tubing i managed to leave with both pieces. know what i call that- success!!

the picture show

just feel like drowning myself into a delicious bowl of popcorn. i confess, i am guilty of consuming one bag of butter popcorn a week, at a minimum. & with popcorn there is movies, ohhh sweet movies.

i love how watching a movie can make you feel good all over. you get to escape reality & fall into a separate realm. here's a few that i can always watch over & over again & smile~

the sandlot.
my girl.
now & then.
almost famous.
napoleon dynamite.
a league of their own.
ferris buellers day off.
the litte mermaid.
super troopers.
forrest gump.
dirty dancing.
love & basketball.
grandmas boy.

question, is it possible to look at this & not grin from ear to ear?

lake wandering

SATURDAY you have finally arrived!! why does it feel like forever since we last embraced?? i am spending our day together in the sun & surrounded by little ones & big ones i love along with yuengling beers ♥

summer time & the livins easyyyyy


took this photograph before starting a little painting...

i love that the reflection of the orchids is in the deep red wine.

im guilty of purchasing wine based on the title of the wine & or the art on the label. its a little surprise wondering what it will be like once its corked. besides my riesling staple, that i know is good everytime & is hard to resist. red bicyclette was chosen because of the resemblance to bluella (my bicycle) a first & was sweet & not too dry... just how i like it. lovely.

few glasses in & this began... i posted this painting i did for jess a few back via my cellular telephone but this is a much better picture of it:


feeling quite proud of myself for being a productive little bumble bee after work this evening. the mega stress mound that was my house has been somewhat tamed for now. which basically means i ran around like a crazy lady with cleaning supplies & laundry for three hours straight. i guess i made a mistake by giving myself an undeserved goldstar last night because i most definitely slept in prior to going to work & did not renew my eleven months of ridin dirtyyy tag, perhaps this was my way of making it up to myself.

i got a really stupid "AWARD" today at work for my successful first year with Wells Fargo. vomit. all it did was make me feel depressed that i have been working at that company for a whole year of my life. things need to change, i have to get out of there. its so depressing & stifles my creativity in the most serious way. i have the bits & pieces worked out in my brain, just need to get the paint for the big picture.

i found my camera cord which had settled in cozily in between couch cushions.
sooo here is a little taste of my previous weekend in rainy Delray Beach, FL!

:) i cant believe tomorrow is thursday already, this excites me beyond belief. im wandering off to dreamland soon hoping to find you there...


weekend update

ahhhhhhhh home from a weekend away. oh america... how i love to tip my hat to you with hotdogs, red white & blue outfits, beers, fireworks & little road trips to south florida.

i love coming together with my fellow americans to watch beautiful, vibrant explosions in the sky. i watched the fireworks on Delray Beach with my darling Jessica & Simon & John Joe... we sprawled out on a hobie cat snuggled in the sand with umbrellas & took in all the glory of the rain & patriotism.


so i'm back to work & i am super stressed with the clutter that has seemed to randomly accumulate in my house since i was away, (& yes im aware thats not even possible... or is it?) whats worse, i took loads of photographs this weekend & cannot seem to find my camera cord anywhere. i mean i straight up looked [insert Squints Sandlot voice here] FORRRREVERRRR & am crushed to report it was all for nothing. nada. zip.

i need some serious organization in my life. in other news, i'm prematurely giving myself a gold star for waking up tomorrow morning to renew the license tag that has been expired on my Daisy for eleven months. eleven! i really hope it doesn't cost me more than a small child being sold outside of walmart.

heyyy unlucky july third

I'm on my way to delray beach!! This is me attempting a mobile post.. . my first! & I'm so excited about a three day weekend with my sweet Jessica! Beach, bbq, & red cowboy boots. America fuck yea! :) Ok team america quote, umm couldnt resist!

I painted a lil something for jt$ to go along with her bday gift. My apoligies for the low quality cell pic. It's her favorite quote & I think its pretty cute if I do say so myself, & I can't wait to give it to her!

well, hello weekend! please keep me safe from a traditionally horrifying july 3rd.... this one will be successful, meaning i did not get an kidney infection, nor did i break my fifth metatarsal in three places, & definitely did not ride in a car with a drunken asshole !! i love getting away from home, even for only a few days. happy weekend & independence day!

waving from such great heights

last night i dreamt of an amazing tree house that was my very own.

in retrospect, living in a little nook in the trees gave me such a high. i love how in dreamland anything & everything can feel like it has been yours for all time & eternity. i felt so safe & cozy in my quaint topiary abode. My mind had clearly wandered & taken me far from Florida, as i distinctly recall the feeling of cool breezes flying over me as i peered through the cracks in the wooden boards over my head that exposed a bright starry sky lined with branches. It was so beautiful! Button took the form of an adorable little blue owl & today i could not stop fantasizing about visiting some sort of tree house paradise located somewhere magical. I'm thinking it might just be the most perfect romantic & off the wall mini vacay.

or perhaps its just my way of having the tree house slumber party i always wanted when i was a little girl.either way, i am officially ripping images from my tree house dream & putting them on canvas. color me inspired ♥