yours truly spontaneously went latin dancing last night & i was seriously impressed with the moves spotted on the dance floor. i love being in a place that is full of energy, i am definitely no skilled latin dancer, but who even cares~ i was having a ball. i was also loving & downing a few yummy sex on the beaches :] i love dancing, doesnt even matter what type of music. i ran into my old friend Mike while i was out with my brother & his lady Caitlin & so he was my main dance partner, which was fun!!

after we were sweating & closed it down, i closed my night by cuddling with little chihuahuas. keeping in with the latin theme naturally. my weekend has been pretty chill, its hot & humid as hell out, but i am enjoying it while workin on a painting i started forever ago & have been neglecting. my background noise consits of a live john mayer show & the weenies-scooter & button running & jumping through the grass---- pretty perfect sunday, not gonna lie.


  1. I've always wanted to go to a club that was specifically Latin dancing, just to see if it's as energetic and sexy as it is in movies.

    Hope to see the painting on here when it's finished!

  2. Was my first time doing such a thing~~~ definitely recommend it! Lots of sexiness all up in there along with awesome dancers! It was really fun, you should go :)

    & i will definitely share when i finish :)


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