eat it on the grass

Color me ecstatic that tomorrow is the beautiful day of the week known as Friday !! Of course Friday doesn't taste as sweet as Saturday, but it still leaves a fresh feeling in my mouth. Tonight i went to my parents house for homemade bombass curry & rice with my family & met a little kitty named Simba that my brothers girlfriend Caitlin has decided to adopt. Coolest thing about this cat? It thinks its a dog... ive never heard a cat growl before... Button kept licking it all over & the little thing kept growling at her, absolutely hilarious. Animals are wonderful.

Speaking of animals, i learned today that my fourteen pound weenie dog is FOUR pounds overweight. I'm pretty sure this means i'm a bad mother who feeds her too much & doesn't take her on enough walks. Serious crush to the ego.

Last night i took a friend to Jackrabbits, one of my absolute favorite venues in Jax for a show. Two friends of mine in separate bands were playing so it seemed pretty perfect, especially for a little hump day action. Show was awesome, lots of energy, lots of dancing in my skirt that was probably too short & great music. I love good atmosphere, and jackrabbits usually has it. totally want to share Jax Local Band DarkHorse Saloon's first video with you all... its really creative & well done. So proud :) check it out!

they shared the stage with Son of a Bad Man which meant absolutely nothing to me until i realized that they were actually Shawn Fisher & the Jukebox Gypsies formally, a band i fell in love with after seeing them open for Third Eye Blind last Spring. Jizz balls of excitement, seriously... i love live music, its such a high.

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