dear internet, i love you. i appreciate you so much for bringing me ridiculously hilarious videos from all over the place that just make me belly laugh... like these two on bunk beds. Completely brings me back to the late eighties & early nineties when i would sleep bunk bed style with my brother & i would always try to pester the shit out of him because...well, in case ya haven't heard thats what being a little sister is all about, i mean, obviously besides being really awesome at the building of forts....

last night i went out to dive bar with LC for dollar drinks.... and was reminded yet again how envious i get of her ability to morph into super bitch mode when approached by dudes. i just cant do it to the pathetic guys who muster up the courage to come over & small talk. Two gentlemen from Kansas decided they would sit with us at our table while LC gave them death stares & refused to acknowledge their existence on planet Earth, i was being nice. Well, granted my version of nice did include asking if either one had had sexual relations with any of their relatives...(can you guess where they were from?) both claimed no. i may or may not believe them.

i love hump days, passing out on my couch with my heterosexual life partner, & getting cheap drinks.


  1. I cherished my childhood days pestering my older sister endlessly. I was good at it, too. Really good.

    I tried to be nice to a guy like that in a bar once, and he asked if I wanted to go for a ride. Before I could even respond, he said, "I mean, I could go get my friend's keys. I know he wouldn't mind if I borrowed his truck." Wow, what a winner. Gotta love 'em.

  2. that video was hilarious!


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