hip hop hell

Friday evening after a long week of work i put on an adorable ivory & lace dress with some nude gladiator sandals (because i was feeling like a warrior) & accompanied my friend Tommy to Steamworks aka Lomax Lodge. Whatever you call it, its a little bar a few miles from my abode where the beer flows heavily & the Dj's are spinnin & if you're lucky... you'll catch some sick artists like we did.

Hip Hop Hell was presenting MYKA9, Medusa, Chop, & the Magic Heart Genies. Some serious talent coming from the West Coast that rocked our ear drums. Medusa rocks a fro hawk, which i have often fantasized about doing, if i was of the African American race :]

She also spits killer rhymes, had a big ass gold chain, & made the crowd erupt with energy. its no surprise that i was upfront bumpin around with fellow appreciators.

i love to see badass female artists who just get on stage & own it. Another female rapper, CHOP (who i believe is locally based, but cant find her on the web) was my favorite. She had a Jill Scott look about her, very earthy & hippy. She painted a kelly green mask on her face & was exuding so much confidence. She actually came up to me prior to getting on stage to give me a compliment. very cool. When she took the mic i was blown away by her melodic voice, not only does she rap but she sings so powerfully. i was definitely catchin the vibes she was sending out via sound waves. She had everyone take a moment of silence for the Ocean which i thought was really cool, & i am still singing part of her last song, where she got in the crowd & had us sing "higher, higher" to the appropriate parts. She killed it, & left the stage with her painted green mask dripping off her face, still smiling.

oh & speaking of hiphop~ check out my friend Vinny D's new video SummerTime... so lovin it right now~ *the sun is out im tryin to hang just like my necklace...

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