its plugged!

Just five days shy of three months since the oil leak started in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20 (for twenty!) & a whopping one hundred & eighty four million gallons !! of oil spilled later, BP finally found a solution that has successfully contained the oil. I'm thankful for that but still cannot wrap my head around how much damage this catastrophe has done to the environment, as well as the many individuals whose livelihoods have been shaken because of this.

more than anything i cant stop thinking about the seaturtles who have been covered in oil & swimming through it in hopes to get to clear waters. i wish i had clean water for them to swim in, i would house them in my backyard. seriously, maybe button would even swim with them ♥


  1. What's done is done and it's absolutely HORRIBLE. I'm just so relieved that BP finally found a solution to cap the spill.

  2. keyword: FINALLY!!

    but yes, completely agree.


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