love is weighing heavily on me.

It's always interesting when complete strangers will begin to inquire about my religious beliefs moments after us meeting. They just throw it out there as if its as kosher as asking about the weather. This familiar scenario took place today while i was working & chatting with an older gentleman, who gasped when i casually replied "No." to his query i was a Christian. His face fell with astonishment & sadness, & thus began a conversation of shock & utter disbelief for him, as he wondered & probed how i could possibly be content living my life without Christianity!? This notion always surprises me, well to be completely honest as an Agnostic & having had this same conversation numerous times with many different people i can say, it doesn't completely surprise me.... just makes me wish more people could be capable of understanding that everyone is unique, & that its okay to believe whatever you want to believe. I have my reasons for believing what i do, just like you have yours for following whatever it is that you do. In the end i hope he was somewhat enlightened by my responses to his many questions, actually i even saw glimmers of acceptance to a few. Although, it was crystal clear that he had never met a girl quite like me, as he referred to me as "a strange creature" with a grin on his face... which i had no problem smiling at & taking as a compliment. I'd rather be strange than be just like everyone else.

you just have to smile & be proud of the person you are. There will always be people who don't understand things about you that make you you, but that's just one of the many glorious twists of life.

i think i brought a little bit of happiness into some other peoples lives today by sharing homemade cookies i baked last night. they were delicious, if i do say so myself.

always spread love ♥

j, did you write this for me...?

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