melodic mondaze

Music is one of the best highs life can give you. It wraps all around you & expresses the movement of every feeling inside you. i love music, i love feeling the vibrations of it live, i love listening to it softly & intently, or loud as hell beaming through my car stereo. Confession, I'm even guilty of completely zoning out to the visualizer in iTunes on a somewhat regular basis. The very first thing i did when i came home from work a few hours ago (after giving kisses to my little button of course!) was strip off my clothes, put on my headphones & float off to different melodies. & while i was reading one of my favorite blogs~ a beautiful mess~ i was inspired by the lovely Elsie's advice for fellow bloggers, she suggested that one should do fun regular features on things they love.

& as i sat here lounging at my desk, peering out my window, headphones blaring... i decided that i should definitely do just that, regular posts on music. & so i bring you~

volume one is a lovely song by Jenny Lewis & her darling Scottish boyfriend Jonathan Rice. This is their first single "Scissor Runner" off their upcoming first album I'm Having Fun Now. It's an adorably catchy little love song, i just love Jenny Lewis & being half Scottish, its no surprise that i love Scottish lads named Johnny as well. Listen, crosss my heart it wont disappoint ♥


  1. Killer tape!! but even better song, great choice!! Can't wait for next week!! By the way...super cute pic ;)


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