melodic mondaze

i traded in dinner for an unhealthy amount of cape cod sea salt & vinegar kettle cooked potato chips. i followed that up with dessert in the form of delicious malted balls known as Maltesers from the UK. Somehow i have managed to hold onto them since i was in Scotland, which is 'pat yourself on the back' worthy because those little balls are so fucking tasty. pretty responsible of me, i'm sure anyone would agree.

ooooooooooooooh sweet mondays, they bring out the worst in a lot of people. Most just so bitter that the weekend is over & you can't really blame them for that. i guess, sometimes i just wonder how much of the general public is just straight up miserable. coming face to face with them monday through friday i can confidently assure you there is a huge shift in friendliness & overall enthusiasm Monday vs. Tuesday. just sayin.

High five!! ...if you saw the moon last night & it stopped you in your tracks with its beauty like it did me. oh sweet moon, so large & just lovely, makes me wonder if you're out there staring & sharing the same thoughts as me.

So for volume three of melodic mondaze... i bring you a little bit of energy via Eminem. Picking up his new album Recovery is currently riding the top of my to do: list. Every song (& by every, i do mean three) i've heard off it (Not Afraid, Love The Way You Lie, Going Through Changes) is sick. Em is back! & all the artists he collaborates with on this album is pretty legit... instant smile as soon as i heard Ozzy. Enjoy :] & Happy Monday!!


  1. I've always liked Eminem, even though my mother tried to ban him from my music collection when I was younger.

    This is a good one. I'll have to check out the new album...

  2. those ear buds look like little sperm! & the vinyl looks like the egg! ahahaha

  3. got em's album.... its sick! LOVE IT!!

    & caitlin.... hahah thats why i chose the picture, definitely thinking the same thing. I am sure that is what its intended to look like... either that, or... we both have filthy minds. That being said, the latter is probably true for us anyway :)


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