heyyy unlucky july third

I'm on my way to delray beach!! This is me attempting a mobile post.. . my first! & I'm so excited about a three day weekend with my sweet Jessica! Beach, bbq, & red cowboy boots. America fuck yea! :) Ok team america quote, umm couldnt resist!

I painted a lil something for jt$ to go along with her bday gift. My apoligies for the low quality cell pic. It's her favorite quote & I think its pretty cute if I do say so myself, & I can't wait to give it to her!

well, hello weekend! please keep me safe from a traditionally horrifying july 3rd.... this one will be successful, meaning i did not get an kidney infection, nor did i break my fifth metatarsal in three places, & definitely did not ride in a car with a drunken asshole !! i love getting away from home, even for only a few days. happy weekend & independence day!


  1. Cute painting! And those are my favorite cookies...EVER!

  2. The painting is EXTREMELY CUTE! I love it && I love you!! :)


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