things i love tuesday

laying in bed in the rain (what im doing now ♥)
cooking delicious meals.
peeling glue from my hands.
orchids. especially when my orchids bloom for a second time.
waking up hours before my alarm clock.
kisses from button. & snuggling with her too.
blowing dandelions, making wishes.
having amazing dreams that leave me smiling through out the day.
clean sheet night.
getting dressed up.
finding gorgeous shoes on sale.
ripping the cellophane off a new cd.
having my hair brushed.
freshly painted nails.
the excitement that comes before seeing the one you love.


  1. These are great. I'm also a rainy weather bed girl and clean sheet night is awesome!

  2. Tonight is clean sheet night for me! :) Yayyy!
    just thought you should know, I am eating whoppers... i have been wanting them ever since your entry about the scottish version. :) mmmmmm delish

  3. ahhhhhh jealous, still havent had clean sheet night!! this weekend, definitely!!


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