waving from such great heights

last night i dreamt of an amazing tree house that was my very own.

in retrospect, living in a little nook in the trees gave me such a high. i love how in dreamland anything & everything can feel like it has been yours for all time & eternity. i felt so safe & cozy in my quaint topiary abode. My mind had clearly wandered & taken me far from Florida, as i distinctly recall the feeling of cool breezes flying over me as i peered through the cracks in the wooden boards over my head that exposed a bright starry sky lined with branches. It was so beautiful! Button took the form of an adorable little blue owl & today i could not stop fantasizing about visiting some sort of tree house paradise located somewhere magical. I'm thinking it might just be the most perfect romantic & off the wall mini vacay.

or perhaps its just my way of having the tree house slumber party i always wanted when i was a little girl.either way, i am officially ripping images from my tree house dream & putting them on canvas. color me inspired ♥


  1. I've always wanted a tree-house. Love these photos.

  2. yay- another floridian. :) found your blog via abeaufitfulmess


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