weekend update

ahhhhhhhh home from a weekend away. oh america... how i love to tip my hat to you with hotdogs, red white & blue outfits, beers, fireworks & little road trips to south florida.

i love coming together with my fellow americans to watch beautiful, vibrant explosions in the sky. i watched the fireworks on Delray Beach with my darling Jessica & Simon & John Joe... we sprawled out on a hobie cat snuggled in the sand with umbrellas & took in all the glory of the rain & patriotism.


so i'm back to work & i am super stressed with the clutter that has seemed to randomly accumulate in my house since i was away, (& yes im aware thats not even possible... or is it?) whats worse, i took loads of photographs this weekend & cannot seem to find my camera cord anywhere. i mean i straight up looked [insert Squints Sandlot voice here] FORRRREVERRRR & am crushed to report it was all for nothing. nada. zip.

i need some serious organization in my life. in other news, i'm prematurely giving myself a gold star for waking up tomorrow morning to renew the license tag that has been expired on my Daisy for eleven months. eleven! i really hope it doesn't cost me more than a small child being sold outside of walmart.


  1. Oh Nooo :( no camera cord!!
    You are going for the renew??
    I wish we lived in the same town!

  2. That picture of the fireworks is amazing! Did you take it yourself?


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