grrrrrrl crush

so while i was perusing the internet this evening i came across a beautiful girl seriously doing natural redheads solid. she is gorgeous! i bring you... Cinta Dicker ~ Brazilian super hottie.

i don't know what it is about redheads, i guess being part of the bleak minority that is natural redheads, i am just drawn to them. i can honestly say, generally every time i cross paths with a natural redhead, we always meet eyes and smile. i love that. I truly believe its an unwritten law in redhead code.... you appreciate each others style & feel the need to acknowledge it, "oh hi, fellow redhead!" even silently...partly because we are so rare. i secretly hated my red hair as a little girl, & now truly completely & utterly love it...

i would also be completely in love with myself if all of those gorgeous high heels were in my room. i would definitely be all about rolling about on them in undies. just sayin.

melodic mondaze

Saturday night i witnessed quite possibly the most extremely amazing karaoke performance ever!! & It just so happened to be by a gentleman known simply as Willard. Does this name alone exude greatness? I'm thinking yes, but maybe that's because he is the only Willard i have ever came into contact with. Besides fucking dominating Stevie Wonder classics, he also gives mean double high fives. Is it any wonder (pun intended) that i'm featuring this little gem for volume eight...?

ring ring ring

little things make me happy, like listening to the sound of my newly restored old telephone ringing in my kitchen. i've been dreaming of my own beautiful rotary dial telephone for ages & am so thrilled that i waited it out for the perfect one to find me via the wonderful world wide web. Do you even know that people sell these restored phones for over $100... some up to $300, hello sickening!! clearly, this was thirty dollars well spent :] because as much as i love quirky vintage touches it would be incredibly difficult to drop that on a home telephone.

you say goodbye.

& i say hello.

hello, hello.

melodic mondaze

i found Gaslight Anthem via ALT NATION during the beautiful days of sirus satelite radio streaming into my sweet daisy. I dig this song, it reminds me a little of the cure & care free days & being in love. How could a combination like that be anything but glorious? it makes me want to put on my new roller skates (yes!! chicka chicka yeaaaaaaa.... i finally bought the pair i fell deeply in love with... mentioned here) & roll around feeling a sweet boys hand in mine ♥

how to properly take in monday....

ignore the fact that, if you are like me, you start the working week off at a somewhat miserable place but smile & get through it because maybe, just maybe there will be sunny rain after you get home. proceed to sit on your porch & take in the smell & the beauty of the rain....
i popped a bottle of wine open & took in the pleasure of smoking a few incredibly hard to find & dangerously delectable djarum blacks.

absolutely fabulous.... cooked myself dinner & soon i will be indulging in a guilty pleasure... Housewives of New Jersey :D it's basically the only television show i watch, filled with completely useless information but somehow the voyeur in me is deeply drawn in. sick? perhaps, but it's no coincidence that i'm canceling my cable tomorrow, being that the the finale airs tonight... i have a house phone now sans caller id & my new favorite thing is to answer the phone saying things such as "Button's Booty Shakin' Brothel" & "Mamacitas Island Grille" & " Erin's Underground Railroad" this confuses solicitors, as well as my close favorites calling my home to alleviate minute stress off my cellular device & makes me smile. Clearly, i am easily pleased.


Again i find myself wishing for a time traveling DeLorean.

Where are you Doc? Come fix this broken heart of mine... i'm simply wondering if i can just speed time along to a place where i know i belong, wrapped in the comfort of his loving arms. Let's take it to eighty-eight down the road tonight, if we can't make it, I'll gladly settle for a long pause on our whirlwind romance & let the world pass us on by. I swear i won't mind. My heart is aching for those everlasting moments of pure organic happiness.

feelin a lil crummy

i so just want to be posted up in bed for a few days, i believe i have been bitten by the qualmish bee, a creature who has left me feeling completely weak & achy. Yet, as i type this i am sitting here on my couch & not getting the rest i am sure would leave me feeling better.... i fell into apartment therapy & then began some sketches for a new painting i'm going to release from my brain & onto canvas. Some how between that & BRAVO TV... i have lost all track of time.

last night i dreamt that i had a key to a lovely vintage boutique (that was not mine) & i took it upon myself to let myself in after hours to snoop around, yes, i do actually dream of breaking & entering. i ended up nearly getting caught & sneakily i ran out a little red door located in the back of the shop. Eventually i found myself staring at this small girl wearing this bright cloak who just happened to be walking a giant sea turtle down the sidewalk. I began to follow them & soon the turtle morphed into a bunny rabbit & then together they jumped through a hole, or portal, (if you will ;) in the ground & disappeared. i swear i don't take acid. i think i need to write books for little children. if only i can keep my dirty mouth out of them...

old lady e

i have officially jumped into a new age bracket known as the mid-twenties. scaryyyy. my loving brother referred to me appropriately as an old lady in his card. that's love ladies & gents! ha, no but seriously, besides having a slight emotional breakdown i had a really lovely birthday ♥ new hair & new freckles.... friday i went to the salon to see my amazing girl Nikki & she proceeded to chop my hairs & gloss the shit out of it... check out my shiny locks of love. what up grandma lovers...

birthday cake is still dank as ever, floating in inner-tubes is still super fun, having only five candles instead of twenty plus on a cake because my mom doesn't want that many holes in a cake is hilarious, waking up to my dog giving me bday kisses is the best & secretly twenty~five isn't so bad.... as long as i still get carded.

melodic mondaze

timeless. the beatles are incredible. all time favorite band. period. i cant even imagine what it would have felt like to have discovered them when they were on the scene.... to be a part of Beatlemania. their lyrics, their music its beautiful because there is nothing like it & nothing seems to share the same simple message- LOVE. its all about love. i'm sharing a little performance of LET IT BE for Melodic Mondaze vol. six. so many things i love about this vid~ the way Paul McCartney holds you with his powerful gaze into the camera, John Lennon just peacefully chillin there with Yoko (you cant blame him for falling in love!), & the passion they all share for the meaning of the song....
LET IT BE. enjoy life, don't sweat the small shit & know in your heart that it will all work out. life is beautiful, & we all need to recognize the beauty all around us.

i read that Paul wrote this because he was inspired by these words his Mother, Mary often said to him as a child, he said in an interview she came to him in a dream one night years after she had died, & awoke to create this masterpiece.

the anniversary of my birth.

twenty five years ago today my mom was being rushed on a gurney through a hospital in Virginia where residents were literally running to labor & delivery because i was in such a hurry. Big surprise there. They took a sharp left turn, resulting in one resident falling and my mom & i (still in her belly) went crashing into the wall. Straight out of a movie... & very shortly after this, i was welcomed into this big crazy world. what a wild ride it has been!! i absolutely cannot believe that was a quarter of a century ago... or that my mom was MY age at the time! Life has taught me so much already, but i am so eager to keep learning & discovering new things about myself & the world around me... so hopefully one day i'll be a wise old owl lady.

twenty five ! seriously, sometimes i still feel like a thirteen yr old girl.... forever young ♥

on the eve of a three day weekend ♥

& so looking forward to ~ freshly cut (& maybe colored!) hair, newly painted nails, shopping with my mama dukes, meteor showers!, cupcakes, & hopefully swimming in chlorine & or salt water pools of cool water....

i wish i was under water right now. i took off work tomorrow because i feel like i deserve it. i do.

i'm going to eat a giant strawberry now & reflect on the past twenty odd years of my life, i cant believe another birthday has caught up to me so quickly! In just a couple of days i will be a quarter of a century old. shhhh, don't tell anyone.

i dreamt i was friends with Rhianna last night. We shared clothes, i asked her to put my hair into corn rows as a joke (or maybe i was serious, i'm not 100% on that :) & then she got arrested in front of me. its unclear what exact illegal activity she was partaking in upon arrest but i know for a fact the officers didnt recognize her. & my genius way of explaining to them who she was, was by saying silly things like "you're under her umbrella, ella, ella... ay!" handcuffs go on tighter "because she loves the way it hurts!" dreams are so ridiculous. what could this possibly even mean?

one of my favorite things to say lately when someone asks me a question is to simply smile & reply with "Answer unclear. Ask again later."

quoting plastic balls is awesome. ♥

true statement

blood suckers

So, for the second evening out of the past three, i was simply attempting to hang in my sunny FL backyard only to be attacked by bloodsucking mosquitoes. seriously within minutes i had thirteen bites. Can't a girl throw some spray paint on magnetic letters in peace?? Perhaps, this comes off making me seem like a whiny wussy, (yes i really just said whiny wussy) but if you knew how seriously intense the bites are with me, you would have sympathy. These seemingly small nibbles turn into giant white welts that are surrounded by redness & itchiness for hours. my bod has a really dramatic reaction to insect bites. I'll be out with a bunch of people & i'll be the only one getting targeted.... so i attempted to do a little research via google.
& so i learned... "Mosquitoes are attracted to contrasts, a fact that lies behind one theory that they are attracted more to redheads who are, its proposed, more likely to stand out in a crowd." i like to think its the fact that i am so incredibly pale & delicious that draws these tiny blood thirsty insects to me. So maybe i should take the notion that these creatures prefer my blood over others as a compliment, perhaps that will soften the blow mentally of the physical swelling & irritation that comes from the giant welts those bastards leave on me.... or maybe i'll start smelling like bug repellent when i plan on doing things outside at dusk.

melodic mondaze

hello my name is erin & i am perpetually late for many many things i do. volume five melodic mondaze is no different. personally i am IN LOVE with this song by the white stripes... it brings back wonderful memories of FSU & it should come as no surprise that i swoon over the fact that he's talkin about a redhead senorita. i heard it earlier tonight & its been stuck in my head ever since.

weenie sundayyyyyy

how to have a lovely sunday: easy, hang with weenies!


please note button's kiss tongue. rockstarrrrrrr. coffee, postsecret, target, art supplies, my parental units, & bbq also contributed to a wonderful day. & its not even over yet!! my dogs are fully going to take me on a walk to work off my delicious dinner.

hope everyone in the blogosphere is having a super sundayyyyy.

procrastinators unite......... tomorrow.

for the last five months i have continually wrote "organize wardrobe" on endless to do lists... & it always remains uncrossed. that is, until today. organize wardrobe !!! I finally tackled it, & I can't even accurately describe how incredible i feel that i successfully organized my entire closet & lovely blue dresser. i tried on clothes i forgot i even owned & found a special home for every article of clothing & accessory i own. i am so deeply satisfied, i feel like i built a pyramid. which i'm sure would be really insulting to ancient egyptians, or aliens, or whoever created them.

organization... i call that a glorious way to spend a rainy dayyyyyyy.

last night i learned how to dougie, a new dance craze i was completely unaware of that has the ability to make you look "flyer than a mother fucker" ohhh yes, educate yourself. i also played beer pong (officially stating that the 3 cup redemption rule is retarded) & laughed my ass off when during a round of 'Never Have I Ever' a gentleman replied to the statement "Never have i ever been caught masturbating..." with "Wait, does it count if someone else was doing it?" ummmm that's actually called a hand job. hello!

& since i have beer pong on my mind i feel its necessary to share Billy's Balls with you... if you've never seen it prepare to be amazed. i bring you Billy Marks ~ Pro Skater, Pro Pong Champ.

melodic mondaze

yayyyyyyy my internet is working again! color me absolutely heart broken & frustrated to the max that i was unable to bring my melodic mondaze post on MONDAY, but alas, true to form i am late. Better late than never they always say, or you always hear.... either way, i bring you volume four!

this one is extra special to me.... on Monday Yellowcard announced they are making a new record! Indefinite hiatus over! Feelings of excitement immediately swept over me. I don't even care how many girls on TRL started screaming for them or how many people call them sell outs or losers or anything of the sort- i have nothing but pure love for Yellowcard. Maybe it has something to do with being a Jacksonville girl, or maybe it has something to do with having a soft spot for catchy lyrics, the sweet sound of the violin, Ryan Key & his ability to shake me with the delivery of his words, fondness of awesome live music, melodic riffs & killer break downs....

Yellowcard falls into that sacred soundtrack of your life genre for me. I've grown up with YC, went through wild nights, got through heartbreak, got crushed at shows, belted out lyrics in my cabrio, listened quietly with my headphones when i was feeling homesick... my mind is flooded with memories.

i remember seeing Sean Mackin (the violinist) at FYE in our little mall in OP & blushing like a little girl. "Hey! You're Sean from Yellowcard! You're awesome!" ...No, you're awesome!" They are still awesome, and i am fucking stoked they are making a new album...

i ripped this ~ from Hopeless Records website: “We’re talking about a ton of different ideas, and we’re itching to start as soon as possible,” Key said. “Ultimately, we want to make something the fans will love. What we love to do most, is look out from the stage and see people exploding with energy, and I think we keep that in mind while we are writing. We miss being out on the road playing for Yellowcard fans all around the world, and without their support we wouldn’t have a career.”

Exploding with energy. That's the atmosphere at every Yellowcard show ♥ sooo, scroll up & i hope you enjoy this playlisttttt.